100 Albums That Changed Music: And 500 Songs You Need to Hear

ISBN: 0785821341
ISBN 13: 9780785821342
By: Sean Egan

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Reader's Thoughts


Fantastic collaboration of music from all eras


i have read a lot of books and lists on 'the 100 best...' albums/songs/artists, etc etc etc. this one differs tho because it isn't necessarily the 100 BEST albums, but the 100 MOST IMPORTANT albums, in that they changed trends and influenced others. so in that respect it was interesting to read the stories behind both many revered classic albums, and many that were overlooked at the time but in retrospect were very imortant in the shaping of music genres and trends.

Thomas Strömquist

"Great book that due to the subject matter reads somewhere cross between a collection of reviews and essays. Sticks to the subject very purposefully - it is not 100 great albums (and 500 songs...), or 100 albums you need to listen to. It is 100 albums 'that changed music'. And as such, the selection is quite good. Enjoyable writing as well."


While I have a lot of the albums in this book, there's a lot more I don't have. So it's time to spend some money beefing up my already too large library.

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