100 Bullshit Jobs…And How to Get Them

ISBN: 0060734795
ISBN 13: 9780060734794
By: Stanley Bing

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About this book

The scholarly discipline of Bullshit Studies has blossomed in the last several years, fertilized by a number of critical works on the subject and the growing importance of the issue across a wide range of professions. Now, best-selling author and lifelong practitioner Stanley Bing enters the field with a comprehensive look at the many attractive jobs now available to those who are serious about their bullshit and prepared to dedicate their working life to it.What, Bing inquires, do a feng shui consultant, new media executive, wine steward, department store greeter, and Vice President of the United States have in common? What, too, are the actual duties performed by a McKinsey consultant? Other than sitting around making people nervous? Could that possibly be his core function? Likewise, what does an aromatherapist actually do, per se? Sniff things and rub them on people, for big fragrant bucks? Is that all?The answer in all cases is "Yes." They all have bullshit jobs.These few, of course, are just the beginning. Across the length and breadth of this shrinking globe, skillful bullshit artists have secured pleasant, lucrative employment, and are enjoying themselves more than you are. In virtually every occupation, from Advertising to Yoga Franchising, lucky individuals who "work" in these coveted positions enjoy the best lives imaginable -- they are paid well, they rarely break a sweat, and their professions are highly respected, because nobody really knows what they do.At once funny, useful, and tolerably philosophical, this groundbreaking work takes a close look at 100 bullshit jobs -- the money they bring with them, the actual tasks and activities involved (if any), and famous and successful examples of each position, who will provide the neophyte with inspiration. Most crucially, Bing goes on to offer what others so far have not--a clear, concise strategy to help job-seekers at every level reach for that brass ring, knowing full well that it may be attached to the nose of a bull.

Reader's Thoughts

Teena in Toronto

An amusing quick read.Don't buy it ... get it from the library like I did. Or read it at Chapters while you're enjoying a cup of coffee at Starbucks.


I thought this book was hilarious. Easy, quick read. On sale for $3 at HPB.

Carlos Velez

Prospects for a new J O B ;0)


It's all bullshit - everything - every job - bullshit ! And you can succeed at all of it.This irreverant look at the careers we hold in high regard will make you wonder why you are doing whatever it is your are doing now. Quite funny, often sarcastic.

Sheila Sheikta

Stanley Bing


So curious when I picked it up and fun to read. Mostly jobs catering to people or celebrities like personal assistant and trainer and aquarium cleaner. Not as good as the book Gig, which is awesome. Anyway, it was tongue in cheek and included the downsides of these bullshit jobs. I think I'll keep mine though.

Danielle Robertson

Not as funny or insightful as I'd hoped. Probably good fodder for a house party, if someone can do a dramatic reading and add life to the humor within.

Teri Temme

I liked it. Funny. Even included a few details I wouldn't have expected. Fun read.

David Tan

Great bathroom reading. It lists real jobs people have and how to actually get them.

Farnoosh Brock

I got this book to really learn something (no laughing :)) but it was just a funny read, and not much substance to it. I could not really follow the logic in a lot of places, and I had trouble explaining exactly what the book is about, although I liked the last very last 3 pages. Funny light-reading, but hey if you have the time to waste away ....


Just... not that funny. It seemed like it could have been good. Many opportunities were missed. Really bland.


The author's mother at some point clearly made the mistake of telling him he was funny.This book was about as entertaining as stabbing myself in the face repeatedly with a fork.

Arrica Lee

I have never heard about most of them. I enjoyed reading about the upsides, downsides and the dark sides of the jobs.

Melissa Rochelle

Funny book about what BS some jobs can be...It ranges from Barista to Donald Trump to Pundit to Vice President.

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