1876 White Bear: A Cheyenne Dog Soldier

ISBN: 1424161142
ISBN 13: 9781424161140
By: Charles, Simeon Philpott

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1876 White Bear: A Cheyenne Dog Soldier is an exciting collage of historical detail and riveting fiction. This mystery-thriller carries the reader through the life of an enslaved young Indian boy who escapes his captors and methodically trains to become one of the most elite and feared Native American warriors: a Cheyenne dog soldier. White Bear deftly executes his revenge for the massacres of his father, mother, two sisters and family members at Sand Creek in Colorado and Washita River in Indian Territory (Oklahoma). Two lawmen from the Texas Panhandle find their towns in peril from this unknown, horrific enemy. Baffled by the heinous murders, they join forces with a criminal investigations specialist in Chicago to identify and track the brutal killer. The plight and hardship of the Plains Indians, particularly the Cheyenne, during the late 1800s unfolds as a mesmerizing backdrop for this story of an obscure and swiftly changing era in American history.

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