200 Ripple Stitch Patterns

ISBN: 089689276X
ISBN 13: 9780896892767
By: Jan Eaton

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About this book

-Fresh approach to knitting and crocheting with traditional and contemporary stitch patterns -Membership in the Knitting Guild of America has increased 21 percent - - to 11,000+ -- since the end of 2001, and surveys show most knitters also crochet -Clearly describes degree of difficulty for each project New and experienced knitters and crocheters will discover all the instruction and inspiration they need to create amazing afghans, scarves, pillow, wraps and blankets in this exciting new guide. An extensive directory covers 200 ripple-stitch patterns and variations, describes techniques used, and level of experience required to complete each project. This book gives readers: -Detailed directions and more than 200 color illustrations to use in completing each project -Tips for combining various types of yarns to create projects featuring a kaleidoscope of color -Access to various knitting and crochet resource Web sites

Reader's Thoughts


This pattern book had allot of pic and so easy to follow. I made samples first of the stitches I liked before I start it a Afghan ,that is the save way to do it.I recommend it if you like knitting .


Beautiful wavy stitch patterns with tips on choosing and mixing colours and yarns. The patterns are split half and half between knitting and crochet, and all are given a difficulty rating. The downside is that there are only specific patterns for five projects, so using the stitches mostly requires guesswork and experimentation.


Well, I guess the title says it all. There are in fact 200 ripple stitch patterns in this book. Half knit, half crochet, but I don't know, none of them really jumped out at me as being super-awesome patterns.


One of the most useful books in my knitting library!


The concept is good - half the patterns are to knit, half to crochet and there is lots of variety. However the mistakes, of which there are a lot, made it impossible for me as a near beginner to make anything. Perhaps an advanced crocheter (or knitter) could muddle through and figure it out but I could not.

Evelyn Leong

Can't wait to try some of these patterns!

Valerie Sherman

Great crochet and knit patters and color ideas! One of the best crochet-related buys I have had in a while.

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