248 Mgs., a Panic Picnic

ISBN: 1882022505
ISBN 13: 9781882022502
By: Susan Landers

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About this book

Poetry. This book explores the emotional and socio-political lives of a cast of characters based on autobiography, but devised by sound. The book's claustrophobic tercets combined with spiraling repetition help foreground the importance of artifice and code, the very elements the book's characters undermine, complicate, and expose. The code is a score. To sound out the story. The book was inspired in part by the author reading Jack Spicer, "I was excited by the serial poem as a form as well as the idea that there is no such thing as a single poem... This was me not stopping." "This is a daring and contemporary voice that speaks of pills, guns, and of shame. The story is captivating, the echoes of recurring themes and stanzas are haunting: this book is a blast"--Anne Tardos.

Reader's Thoughts


Susan Landers's debut collection builds out from premise that the juvenile is serious, and the games we learn via training or medication prepare us for more adult oppressions, especially those that fall on girls who insist on not fitting in. "Every lady/ought to have/a pillbox." Not.

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