300 Questions LDS Couples Should Ask Before Marriage

ISBN: 0882907743
ISBN 13: 9780882907741
By: Shannon L. Alder

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About this book

Did you know that the divorce rate among Mormons is now 40%, only 10% below the national average? With a 40% chance of marriage failure, it is more important than ever to be selective when choosing a spouse. President Spencer W. Kimball once said, "In selecting a companion for life and for eternity, certainly the most careful planning, thinking, praying and fasting should be done to be sure that of all decisions, this one must not be wrong." 300 Questions Every LDS Couple Should Ask Before Getting Married will help you and your partner explore common goals and perspectives. The questions in this book will inspire couples to gain a deeper understanding of each other to build lasting and eternal relationships. Some of the subjects covered include: * Should your children pay for their own missions? * What have you done financially to prepare for marriage? * Do you expect intimacy often? Does your partner? Couples should leave no question unasked when deciding on an eternal partner. Let 300 Questions Every LDS Couple Should Ask Before Marriage help you discover how to design a happy and everlasting marriage.

Reader's Thoughts

Christopher Mills

This is an excellent book with thoughtful questions everyone should read before getting married. For those who are not engaged, it may help you decide what type of person you want to marry. For those who are engaged, it may help you decide what kinds of decisions you would like to make in your future marriage or even if the person you are considering is the right one to marry.My wife actually bought this book when we were dating and we read through all of the questions. We found it very helpful, as it brought up thought provoking questions that we would not have otherwise asked ourselves. It helped us to know one another better and to be more prepared for our marriage. I even recommend it to non-LDS couples.


I always give this book as a gift to the girls in my Laurels class when they graduate and go to college. I want them to really think things out before they get married. It should be a no brainer to ask these questions. But there are a lot of people that don't and they wonder why it didn't work out. They weren't thinking. It is a great book for any friend that is considering marriage.

Kaylie Faucette

This is a fun book to read and discuss with your fiance or boyfriend/girlfriend before you get married. It really helps couples get to know each other even more than they thought they did!

Suzette Kunz

This made for some good conversation, but it's organized kind of randomly. A lot of the questions are repetitive, and they don't seem to be grouped according to theme. As an English teacher, that bugged me. But it does cover a lot of good ground. It seems like it would especially be good for a really young person thinking about marriage.


This book has a bunch of questions that I probably never would have thought to ask my future spouse. It's good for any couple to consider the scenarios before they happen; so they can be better prepared to handle the challenges that come their way.

Tony Robbins

Awesome book. Bought it when I was considering marrying a girl. Found out that she wasn't the one and I was choosing her based on all the wrong reasons. Glad this author wrote this book. I really could have married that girl and ended up in divorce!

Katie Madsen

We had already asked most of these questions are self, and a lot of them were weird or repeats of previous questions just with different wording.

Joy Sterrantino

Dude, this should probably be required reading material!

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