50 Things to Do When You Turn 50: 50 Experts on the Subject of Turning 50 (Fifty Experts on the Subject of Turning Fifty)

ISBN: 156906590X
ISBN 13: 9781569065907
By: Allison Kyle Leopold Ronnie Sellers Gerit Quealy

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Reader's Thoughts


This book is a collection of 50 inspiring essays for enjoying life at 50 and beyond like go with the hope, try yoga, eat naturally, be engaged with others yet develop own rhythm, look ahead to a financially secure future, be spontaneous with the maturity of responsibility and adjust to the windshifts of life. Others were less appealing to me like go fishing and get some plastic surgery but different viewpoints were expressed and gave some interesting ideas for this decade of mine! Like the one of the writers said, "Sixty is even better, but don't hurry."


Much better than I expected, a few really useful ideas, some cute stories. I received it as a gift when I turned 49.


I really enjoyed this book. I now have some ideas of things to do that I have not attempted to do in the past. Yes, 50 is the new 30!


Anthology of short pieces by famous people with their advice on important things to do as you hit middle age. Easy reading with some good reminders and a few new things to think about.


Sometimes fun. Sometimes enlightening. Sometimes dry. Just like turning 50.


A friend gave me this for a birthday present and I took it along as an easy read while flying cross country. It was a light, easy read with short 3-5 page chapters written by well-known individuals in this age group. There are some good reminders of how to stay alive and vital instead of getting old and dull. Good gift book, and even a good read for college age kids so they might have suggestions for their parents on things to be doing.

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