A Book of Angels: Reflections on Angels Past and Present, and True Stories of How They Touch Our Lives

ISBN: 0345476964
ISBN 13: 9780345476968
By: Sophy Burnham

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About this book

This intriguing book tells the extraordinary stories of present-day encounters with angels, traces the appearance of angels in various cultures, and explores how writers--such as Dante, Milton, and Shakespeare--have responded to angels throughout history. Illustrated.

Reader's Thoughts

Charles M.

Author unveils numerous angel experiences and the history of angels helping those in need. Not an convincing and overwhelming as I would have expeceted.

Claudia Reinfelds

"once my mother saw an angel. She was five years old at the time, just a little girl in her nightie, getting ready for bed, when she looked up and saw an angel standing in the bedroom door."


Mix between research and anecdotal stories. Trying to find balance and it was synthesized to meet both. Not sure it could be NY times best seller if didn't do both. I have it four stars

Zafirah Muhammad

i liked all the stories of the different angle siteings. I also like the explanation of angels by all the major religions. There are several similarities in each of the major religions. There is only one God.


A Book of Angels by Sophy Burnham (1995)

Terry Webb

A scholarly study of angels from a visionary.


I thought it was badly written. i really wanted to love it , i really did but it was really hard to get through this book. and i LOVE this subject so much. the angel letters in the end of the book all sound like its been written by the same person (The writer) which makes me question the authenticity of this book.


The section on "Angelology" is fascinating...a good overview of how angels "appear" in various religions, cultures, literature, etc.

Casey Smith

I found this little treasure at a library book sale and boy, am I glad that I did! I thoroughly enjoyed this read and learned a great deal from it as well!Very well researched and chock full of history and stories that are not only interesting, but heart-warming as well. This is an easy read, but a really, really wonderful read if you are looking for something light that you can enjoy while on vacation. I read this over the Christmas Holidays in 2011 and really enjoyed it!

Regina Hunter

All I have to say is : LOL



Laurine Mahone

joy and wisdom

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