A Bridge Between Worlds (W.I.T.C.H. Chapter Books, #10)

ISBN: 0786851384
ISBN 13: 9780786851386
By: Elisabetta Gnone Barbara Canepa Alessandro Barbucci

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Childhood Children Comics Fantasy Graphic Novels Magic Romance To Read W I T C H

About this book

In Heatherfield, agents are investigating Elyon's disappearance, and the Guardians fear that their identities will be revealed. An urgent cry for help from Elyon sends the Guardians of the Veil back across the Veil to Meridian. There, they find the young girl struggling to bridge the gap between her past life and her new role in Meridian. Elyon has made a startling discovery about her parents that could ruin her chances of happiness in her new world. How can Elyon bridge the gap between her old life and her royal future?

Reader's Thoughts


great! about a girl whos best friend moved away! sad

Sella Malin

I used to like these series. Now, I don't think they're so good anymore. I got up to number 12 or something like that, and they've gone up to #26 or something... and they're still coming out!! I'm not really interested into them anymore, but I used to be.

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