A Cool Moonlight

ISBN: 0142402842
ISBN 13: 9780142402849
By: Angela Johnson

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About this book

Born with a rare and dangerous allergy to sunlight, Lila's spent her life hidden from the daylight-staying covered up and indoors until dark, only venturing outside after the sun has set and the moon's cool light shines. Almost every night, she is visited by two young girls who wear tutus over their jeans and costume fairy wings, and the three of them dance and tell wonderful stories. But while Lila adores her family and her new friends, still she longs to feel the sun's touch. Lila's mysterious friends have promised to help her . . . but how?

Reader's Thoughts

Rain Misoa

Ah, such a cute little read. I like this book. It was short but very sweet. I've never read a book that was centered around the disease Xeroderma Pigmentosum so I was interested in Angela Johnson's spin on the rare skin disease. However, this is by no means a dark book. It was very light and sometimes fluffy. I thought it was a pretty good book to read in just one sitting. I was a little disappointed with how, besides not being able to be in the sun and other UV-Rays, we didn't learn much else from the disease. However, we did get something more sweet instead so it made up for it.Johnson's writing style is not for me. I was rather annoyed with how there were absolutely no capital letters in the book. Also, at times it felt like the book was written by a two-year-old because the writing style was too simplistic. I understand the fact that it was written from a eight/nine-year-olds point of view but I think the author could have written it a bit more creatively than just making it too simple. I felt like I was back in grade school reading this even though it's supposed to be for young adults. I don't know... maybe if it was directed towards elementary school students than I would understand her choice for writing the book like this. But it wasn't, hence, I'm annoyed.The story was cute, though. I really enjoyed Lila's character. She's so young and innocent and only wants to find a way to be in the sun without having to have layers of clothes and wear big sunglasses. I understood her longing and I felt like I just wanted to jump into the book so that I can help her as well. Alyssa and Elizabeth are two girls who appear to Lila at night to play with her and claim they can help her be in the sunlight. They were fun and adorable little girls. Monk, Lila's sister, was very caring and understanding. Lila's father sounded like a cool dad that always treated Lila as his angel. Lila's mother was a bit a stick-in-the-mud but it goes within reason. She wants the best for her daughter and I don't blame her for being strict at times. Then there's David. I love that little boy. He is such a good friend to Lila even though he goes to a different school and sometimes can't always be there to spend some time with her since he needs to be up and about during the day. I love the characters in this book and the ending to the story was just so sweet. It gives you a sense of relief and tells you that Lila is a very strong little girl and will be able to handle her disease.This was a very cute novel. I am glad I read it. It shows that even if things seems to be difficult, with a little faith and heart, you will be able to overcome anything. I know I had some issues with the writing style and you may have some, too, but I don't think you should let that stop you from reading this sweet book. The concept for the book is very creative and it does let you see some of how the daily life is with someone that has Xeroderma Pigmentosum. I enjoyed this book. You should check it out if you haven't alreay!

Simon A.

A very interesting story, and I love the writing style (although--if you read the other reviews--it's obviously not for everyone).


The ways Lila chooses to deal with her problem are adorable!! However, at the end of the story I still had an unanswered question: I wonder if she was imagining her friends the whole time because they ignore her at one point and it creeped me out a little bit but it is worth reading because the resolution to the story is heartwarming.

Keyana Miller

The book is really cute and and creative, but it can get confusing with how simplistic the writing style is. It leaves many things left unsaid and you have to create your own ideas in some things that happen in the story. Overall, it's a lovely little book to read when you have time and you're in the mood for something a little different.

Michael Kemp

A Cool Moonlight is a beautifully written story about a girl named Lilia. Lilia has a rare disorder where she cannot go out in the sunlight; therefore, she doesn't have much interaction with her peers. She studies in the dim light of her kitchen. If she ever does go out, she has to slather up the sunscreen and put on sunglasses so that she doesn't go blind.She begins to meet some friends at night and have nighttime adventures with them. They talk to her about her sun bag, which is a bag that if she fills it, she's be able to go outside during the day and not live in darkness any more. However, no one else has ever met her friends, and as her next birthday approaches she begins to wonder why this is. She also grows to become confused about the sun bad and how it will fix her.This is a very unique story told with a very unique voice. I enjoyed it because it almost seemed like reading poetry. I liked the voice and the character. She was interesting and fun to read about.


Lila is a nearly nine year old girl who has a sever allergy to the sun. Her often lonely nocturnal life has caused her to create a couple imaginary friends to come and dance in the moon light with her and pass the lonely hours. Cute little read but nothing really to it.


This book felt like a dream, I was always wondering what Lila was waiting for and what the bag was for? Were the friends real? It was a magical ride with an interesting ending.


I thought this book was very good! The author Angela Johnson is very creative and the way she thought and made this girl have the power of sunlight in her the whole time even if she couldn't really go outside.Really, an outstanding book! The charecters seemed real and not fake like most of the books people read way better.


Lila is allergic to sunlight. She has a two friends that may or may not be real. It is written in such a way that its filled with wonder and magic.


** spoiler alert ** Lila was born with xeroderma pigmentosun, a skin disease that makes her extremely sensitive to the sun. She is home schooled by her mother, and sleeps during the day and plays during the night. Her two friends Elizabeth and Alyssa often join her for these nighttime romps in the backyard, wearing tutus and fairy wings. They always disappear under the fence before the sun comes up and before anyone else can see them. For Lila’s ninth birthday she wants to be able to go out in the sun, and she enlists the helps of Elizabeth and Alyssa to make a “sun bag.” In the end Lila realizes that her friends don’t really exist (she has others) and that no matter how much she may want it, she is only a moonchild, and will never be able to see the sun. Stylistically, this book was different: no capitalization was used throughout the novel, perhaps to make it seem more like the point of view of an 8 year old. I thought the main thing missing in this novel was hope, which would have been greatly appreciated. I wouldn’t recommend this for young readers, despite the main characters age, because I think they would miss the true essence of the story. Although, I probably wouldn’t recommend this book to anyone come to think of it.


A Cool Moonlight is about a young girl named Lila. She has a dangerous allergy to sunlight. When sunlight touches her, her body gets burned (kind of). Also her vision can go bad. So, she always uses sun block and sunglasses. She has two friends, Alyssa and Elizabeth. They come to her at night. They promise to help her go out during the day. After reading this book, I made a text-to-self connection. Actually, I moved to the U.S. in January so I can’t speak English well. Teachers help me to do homework and sometimes it’s hard to communicate with my friends and Americans. That is a connection point between me and Lila. Lila can’t go out during the day, so she can’t communicate with the outside. I would definitely give this book 4 stars. Lila is so cute. She is eight years old. She wants to know everything and loves shopping cart racing with her father. This book describes her pureness and naivety as well. However, at the beginning of this book. It doesn’t describe Alyssa and Elizabeth so it was confusing me. I want to propose this book to anyone who likes stories about a cute little girl.

Linda Lipko

This author is one of my favorite YA writers.In this story, eight-year old Lila was born with a dangerous allergy to sunlight. Living a sheltered life with loving parents and an older sister, accustomed to living in darkness, Lila longs for light.Creating magical imaginary friends, Lila plays with the girls who have wings and together they romp in the moonlight.When her friends present her with a bag and tell her they will add items that will allow her to thrive in sunlight, Lila grows hopeful.This is a story of hope and love. While I liked the tale, I was bothered by the authors lack of capitalization. Perhaps there is a metaphor in this, but I failed to be charmed by it.

Adji Diatta

I think that this book is really good so far. Even though I dont know what her name is. I think its really weird how she cant go out in the sunlight. Because there is something wrong with her chromosomes. They can't protect her from the sunlight.

Alex Li

During Lila whole life since she was 8 years old she cant see the light with her skin. She have a rare condition called xeroderma pigmentosum. When lila touching the sunlight it burns her skin and she can go blind so she only can come out at the night. I think that this is a bad condition to have b/c i can feel how hurt the sun can do to her. i dont know if there is any ppl in real life that have it but it's a hard thing to survive ur whole life in.

Jessie Marie

I could not stand reading all in lowercase! It really seemed to slow me down and throw me off. That being said. The viewpoint was well recieved. I could really believe that it was a little girl telling the story. It was written from a very childlike stance, which is great because that's who you are supposed to relate to. I think that is about the only good thing about this book. The writing itself. The story was slow, boring and really had no point.I'm amazed that I actually finished it, even though it was a very quick read. I thought that the end may redeem itself, but I was very wrong. I really don't recommend this book to anyone.

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