A Cool Moonlight

ISBN: 0142402842
ISBN 13: 9780142402849
By: Angela Johnson

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About this book

Born with a rare and dangerous allergy to sunlight, Lila's spent her life hidden from the daylight-staying covered up and indoors until dark, only venturing outside after the sun has set and the moon's cool light shines. Almost every night, she is visited by two young girls who wear tutus over their jeans and costume fairy wings, and the three of them dance and tell wonderful stories. But while Lila adores her family and her new friends, still she longs to feel the sun's touch. Lila's mysterious friends have promised to help her . . . but how?

Reader's Thoughts


It was a cute book, but the ending confused me about how she doesn't see Alyssa and Elizabeth like she used to and the part where Lila, David, and Jackie go up to the house with the buzzing noise. Also the lowercase letters were a little annoying. Other than that I liked it.


This book felt like a dream, I was always wondering what Lila was waiting for and what the bag was for? Were the friends real? It was a magical ride with an interesting ending.

Penny McGill

It's written in a beautiful style that might inspire kids to try this style. The main character is living with XP and has some exciting visitors and a wonderful family who support her. I'd even suggest it to an older reader just for the pleasure of reading it.

Linda Lipko

This author is one of my favorite YA writers.In this story, eight-year old Lila was born with a dangerous allergy to sunlight. Living a sheltered life with loving parents and an older sister, accustomed to living in darkness, Lila longs for light.Creating magical imaginary friends, Lila plays with the girls who have wings and together they romp in the moonlight.When her friends present her with a bag and tell her they will add items that will allow her to thrive in sunlight, Lila grows hopeful.This is a story of hope and love. While I liked the tale, I was bothered by the authors lack of capitalization. Perhaps there is a metaphor in this, but I failed to be charmed by it.

Alex Li

During Lila whole life since she was 8 years old she cant see the light with her skin. She have a rare condition called xeroderma pigmentosum. When lila touching the sunlight it burns her skin and she can go blind so she only can come out at the night. I think that this is a bad condition to have b/c i can feel how hurt the sun can do to her. i dont know if there is any ppl in real life that have it but it's a hard thing to survive ur whole life in.

Adji Diatta

I think that this book is really good so far. Even though I dont know what her name is. I think its really weird how she cant go out in the sunlight. Because there is something wrong with her chromosomes. They can't protect her from the sunlight.

Caroline (Cary)

Lila has a rare illness that makes her very sensitive to sunlight. She can't be exposed to the sun at all, so she stays inside during the day, being home-schooled by her mother. She is socially isolated with a vivid imagination. This book tells the story of the months approaching her ninth birthday, while she and her two imaginary friends are trying to find a way to cure her of her disease. Lila narrates the story with simple vocabulary, avoiding most capitalization, which can be somewhat unsettling, and lets the reader do most of the thinking, rather than spelling out every thought. Throughout the story, Lila is learning to grow up. Ages 9-12. Recommended for additional purchase.


A Cool Moonlight is about a young girl named Lila. She has a dangerous allergy to sunlight. When sunlight touches her, her body gets burned (kind of). Also her vision can go bad. So, she always uses sun block and sunglasses. She has two friends, Alyssa and Elizabeth. They come to her at night. They promise to help her go out during the day. After reading this book, I made a text-to-self connection. Actually, I moved to the U.S. in January so I can’t speak English well. Teachers help me to do homework and sometimes it’s hard to communicate with my friends and Americans. That is a connection point between me and Lila. Lila can’t go out during the day, so she can’t communicate with the outside. I would definitely give this book 4 stars. Lila is so cute. She is eight years old. She wants to know everything and loves shopping cart racing with her father. This book describes her pureness and naivety as well. However, at the beginning of this book. It doesn’t describe Alyssa and Elizabeth so it was confusing me. I want to propose this book to anyone who likes stories about a cute little girl.

Carly costello

a girl named lila has skin condition that prevent from giong out into the sun.on a cool moonlight night she meets to friend who may not be real. Does lila ever get to go back out into the sun? Read this book and find out what happens


I liked the perspective, and the structure of this book, it was short, sweet, and too the point which I feel worked really well in the books favor. I loved the ending, it was a very nice touch. This book served as a well written palette cleanser, a good change, from something I would normally read. I really enjoyed the two friends of the protagonist, who we don’t know if they are real or imagined; they were interesting characters. I also think it was great of the author to never just outright say if the two little girls were imaginary, or not. I plan on reading more of Angela Johnson's works. Alcohol/ Drugs- None.Sex- No.Violence- Not at all.Swearing- Nope.


** spoiler alert ** Lila was born with xeroderma pigmentosun, a skin disease that makes her extremely sensitive to the sun. She is home schooled by her mother, and sleeps during the day and plays during the night. Her two friends Elizabeth and Alyssa often join her for these nighttime romps in the backyard, wearing tutus and fairy wings. They always disappear under the fence before the sun comes up and before anyone else can see them. For Lila’s ninth birthday she wants to be able to go out in the sun, and she enlists the helps of Elizabeth and Alyssa to make a “sun bag.” In the end Lila realizes that her friends don’t really exist (she has others) and that no matter how much she may want it, she is only a moonchild, and will never be able to see the sun. Stylistically, this book was different: no capitalization was used throughout the novel, perhaps to make it seem more like the point of view of an 8 year old. I thought the main thing missing in this novel was hope, which would have been greatly appreciated. I wouldn’t recommend this for young readers, despite the main characters age, because I think they would miss the true essence of the story. Although, I probably wouldn’t recommend this book to anyone come to think of it.


THERE ARE NO CAPITOL LETTERS IN THE ENTIRE BOOK AND IT'S REALLY BUGGING ME. It also lacks plot and we never findout if those girls are real.


Lila has never seen the sun. She is allergic to it. She cn only go out at night. She is still very young, so she plays with imaginary friends. However, she thinks that they are very real. They are like fairies to her. They come out almost every night in fairy wings and play with her. However, she starts taking this too far. She starts seeing them everywhere. She's yelling at her sister to stop the car in the middle of the freeway. But will she be able to forget about these 'friends' and keep her real ones?I gave this book 4 stars because it reminded me of a poetry book. I really just liked the way it was written. There was no magic in this book. It was really just about imaginary friends. But the way the author wrote it made everything seem really magical. In every seen, it was like I was reading a book drawn in watercolors. I loved it.

B. Hale

** spoiler alert ** I really felt sorry for the little girl who was allergic to the sun but I must say she had the greatest big sister ever, during high school she would go to Lila’s school to put sunscreen on her EVERY TWO HOURS faithfully until Lila was able to trust her teacher enough to do it. She also chose to stay home instead of live on campus so she can stay with Lila, she always took her to the city and to visit with her college friends and she actually even hung out with her one on one just because. They we so close even though they were nine years apart and I just loved that. I wanted to know more about Elizabeth and Alyssa, like were they imaginary or what? And if they weren’t why did she see them or think she saw them in the grocery store? How come no one else seemed to notice them? And if they were imaginary, how come no questioned these friends she always went on about, who were the little girls she saw dancing in the window of the creepy house, who was giving her the sunlight bags and why were the contents of them so bright, what was in them, why did we never really know of her plan, seeing as her birthday party was at night, why did all the fireflies land on her, who the heck was Elizabeth and Alyssa really? I mean didn’t her Mom talk to/see Alyssa? There’s just so many unanswered questions in this book. Had it ended nice and had no loose ends I would have enjoyed this book because the characters were very lovable. I just flew through and just when I was trying to piece together what everything I had read so far could mean, I was about two pages from the end of the book an it was crazy…all in all it was a nice viewing mirror into the world of someone, especially a young child who can’t be in the sun.


I haven't come across another book with a similar plot or story line. A Cool Moonlight is very unique, down to the way it's written. There are no capital letters within the text.

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