A Different Kind of Perfect: Writings by Parents on Raising a Child with Special Needs

ISBN: 1590303075
ISBN 13: 9781590303078
By: Cindy Dowling Neil Nicoll

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Reader's Thoughts

Vangie Rodenbeck

A book that deals with the stages of grief as felt by parents of disabled children. Vignettes by parents are poignant and sometimes painful. An honest book...


A heart-wrenching collection of essays from parents of special needs children. I felt so validated in reading this book, because I too am only human. I get frustrated, sad, mad, and break down and cry sometimes and so do other parents. It is hard having a special needs child, but I love my girl and she is worth every struggle.


This book is honest, deep and well-organized. It's been very helpful in my journey.


This is a collection of stories from parents of disabled children, with stories from each state of grief. This book made me laugh and cry, but was tough to get through. Overall it's a great collection of true short stories that I would recommend to anyone that is touched by disability in their lives


I appreciated the raw, honest words of so many others. In a journey that my family has only just begun, it was a comfort to know that we are not alone.


Wow! All of the emotions and feelings that were discussed I have had! Glad to know it is normal even when life isn't.

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