A Gift from the Lonely Doll

ISBN: 0618071814
ISBN 13: 9780618071814
By: Dare Wright

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About this book

A Gift from the Lonely Doll was first published in 1966 and is one of the most frequently requested and fondly remembered books in the Lonely Doll series by the author/photographer Dare Wright. A Gift from the Lonely Doll again features Edith and her friends, Mr. Bear and Little Bear, and a generous act of kindness that helps all of them understand and celebrate the meaning of the holidays.

Reader's Thoughts


A sweet, unique children's book that tells the story of friends and their love for each other as The Lonely Doll seeks to surprise Mr. Bear with a homemade Christmas present. The beautiful, black-and-white photographs of the posed dolls and stuffed animals add to the singular charm of this story that I read with my own children for the first time this Christmas season.


This is an oldie but goody. My review is for the whole series: Of course the doll's name, Edith, makes it very dated, but the name is obviously why this book first appealed to me as a child. Then the fact that she is always getting into trouble, often because she doesn't do what she is told; also that she has good intentions, and takes everything personally -- that also resonated with me. But I still like the book for the illustrations - the idea of placing a doll and teddy bear(s) in real home/country settings and using the photographs to help tell the story was always appealing to me, and I emulated the technique in creating a story for my children at least once. Of course the date read is just a guess, and I've read it several times since the first few times way back when.In this "gift" book, I also like Edith's knitting; I, too, have gotten carried away when knitting a straight scarf.


A Lonely Doll story for the knitters. A good Christmas read for when you're just plain done with The Polar Express over and over and over again.


Yeah, it's a kids book and so reviewing it is almost a waste of time. I just want to say that Dare Wright was a great photographer and got pretty cool expressions out of what on the surface appears to be a fairly expressionless little girl doll. The photos are framed well and the compositions are pretty expressive. They serve her simple tales well. I liked this a lot.


I remember the Lonely Doll books from growing up, but I never cared for them personally. I didn't like the black and white photography. The idea of the real photographs is neat, but I've never cared for black and white. The storyline is cute, and I'd have liked the book with colorful realistic illustrations, but as is, I mildly dislike the book.Now, however, I have children of my own, and my mother has given us the books. Several of my children (ages 9, 7.5, 5.5, 4, and 2) really enjoy the books. So I compromised on a rating of just liking it.


A childhood favorite. April booklist suggestion was to "reread your favorite book from childhood". This was one of my very favorites. I think I loved the photographs, not surprising since photography is still one of my passions.


This is a picture book, I'm not going to lie. But it is a classic book that I read all the time because it really teaches you something on mistakes, and how you can make things better. The copy I have is actually quite old, because it was my mom's when she was little. I know that many kids in middle school won't even touch a picture book, but this book is absolutely special on many levels. I hope that whoever reads this review has the time to read this book, because I guarantee you will love it.


Re-read the Lonely Doll books in a fit of nostalgia. I remember enjoying this story because of the knitting -- something my mother did all the time, but which I had no knack for...rather like Edith...

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