“A” Is for Zebra

ISBN: 1402734948
ISBN 13: 9781402734946
By: Mark Shulman Tarnara Petrosino Tamara Petrosino

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About this book

Mark Shulman and Tamara Petrosino return with a fabulous follow-up to last season’s AA is for Aardvark. And it’s got a clever new twist.  The alphabetic antics continue—starting from the end! That’s why A is for zebrA and Z is for jazZ, and nothing’s what you’d expect. The featured letter doesn’t appear just once—it’s sprinkled throughout the hilarious illustrations. The I page not only has sushI, there’s delI, spaghettI, graffitI, and khakI, too. And if you think working backwards makes it easier, well, just try to come up with words that end in Q or J! The results can be quite surprising!Teachers, librarians, parents, and kids will love the silly—but smart—acrobatics involved in unearthing all these words, along with the witty way the book reinforces the sounds of letters and teaches kids how much fun playing with language can be.

Reader's Thoughts

Joella www.cinjoella.com

At first I didn't get this book. But then I realized that the letters stand for what comes at the end of a word. So zebra is for the letter "a" because it ends in "a." After that I really liked the book. How often do you look at the alphabet based on the ends of words?


Cool twst on the alphabet. Ending letters.

Nancy J.

Good book for the advanced alphabet-ers in the older class because it uses the final letter in the word displayed with the ABC sequence.


A very clever alphabet book that uses the LAST letter in a word as the clue to the word...A is for zebrA, P is for hiP-hoP, U is for gnU. You get the idea and slightly older, savvy kids will,too. All the words and the pictures on each page have the same 'happy ending' scheme. Illustrations are fun and wacky, too. Use for 10/2009 ABCs Gone Wild storytime.

Stephanie Sapp

An unexpected find at the library. It was fun to read with 5 yr old learning letters and 8 yr old that could distinguish the pattern used in this unusual, but worthwhile alphabet book. T is for Intelligent Alphabet Insight!

Luann Schindler

For young children learning the intricacies of language, this book reinforces the importance of the last letter or ending of words. Great illustrations, too.

Read Ribbet

Another clever alphabet book that focuses on last letters of words. Really a nice book for introducing the need to read through words. Cleverly presented with lots of embedded asides in illustrations.

Constance Mccarty

From my career as a reading tutor a love for alphabet picture books has followed. The problem is that once my students learn their ABC's these books are no longer needed. This is why I love this book. I can bring this book for all stages of learning. Children can pick out the letters in the words. This is a good test of whether or not they understand the letters or if they assume it will be the first letter of a word. This book also helps with understanding letter changes of plural forms. For instance "F is for wolf, but not for two." This is a fun and surprising book with plenty of twists to keep my students interacting.


A different twist on alphabet concept books. The focus is on the last letters of words instead of the first letters. That's why a is for zebra :) This book would be great for ages 6-8. Children might also appreciate the graphic reading included on some of the pages.

Sue Maloney

Love the challenge of figuring out all of the animals whose names end with the letters of the alphabet. I didn't get them all! What are those critters?!

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