A Killing Rain

ISBN: 0739450344
ISBN 13: 9780739450345
By: Alexandra Marinina

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Reader's Thoughts

Mary Pat

Like this Louis Kincaid series because of its setting on Captiva Island, a favorite place to visit.

Pamela Little

Not bad for a murder mystery set in south Florida


This is another in the excellent series featuring detective Louis Kincaid. This time the ex-husband of Louis' current girlfriend snatches their son and Louis goes after him. Generally, I avoid books around stolen children. They are cheap as plot devices and way too predictable. But, Parrish avoids everything obvious and turns out an excellent story - once again. I am a little concerned, however, since their (P.J. is actually two sisters) website has been shut down. I hope they are busy writing instead.


Life is too short to read lousy books. No stars if there was such a rating.

Terri W

Didn't like this book--yuck....

Sezin Koehler

Not my favourite of Parrish's books thus far, but the underlying story of human trafficking and worse hit home in many ways, especially considering the screenplay I wrote earlier this year was about the trafficking of women, albeit in Europe not the USA. If you are into this Louis Kincaid series, then you certainly can't pass this one over. :-)

Yat Wai

I feel lucky to come across with this book


I think I've found a new favorite author to add to my list of favorites!


Getting better and better. On to the next one.


I know I'm reading these out of order, but they aren't easy to get my hands on. I was glad I read this one though. It explains where Joe comes from in the other one I read. And it explains more about Louis's aloofness, his loneliness. An excellent series.

Angela Diane Sharp


Jaime Huff

I am going backwards on the Louis Kincaid series. The publisher sent me South of Hell and the Little Death to read. Loved them. Went to half priced books to find earlier books. Found this one. I enjoyed it but I definitely liked the later books better. I definitely need to get to book 1 & read onwards. I like this is when Joe Frye enters Louis' life. I would have liked a bit more Mel. Susan was a bit... hmmm, melodramatic and Wainsworth was a douche. The pace was nice and fast and the killers' story was interesting. I'll add more later since I'm mobile right now.

Kathy Petersen

Another complex and fast-paced adventure with the introspective and ever uncertain Kincaid, here on a race to find the kidnapped son of a potential lover. (I was into this before the kidnapping: I generally avoid threats to children, but A Killing Rain was worth the risk.


Full of suspense and intrigue and it keeps you on the edge of your seat.

Sarah Bacchus

I met this guy :D at a mystery fiction panel at my school he's friends with Christine Kling another mystery fiction author who taught my class. It was super rad.

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