A Kiss Goodbye

ISBN: 0749082704
ISBN 13: 9780749082703
By: Jane A. Adams

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Fiction Mystery To Read

About this book

To Robert Carr, Anna is a mystery and that's the way he'd like her to stay. Over the past thirteen years his last, parting image of Anna has been the inspiration for a number of his paintings. Through his work, Anna's face has become famous, whilst the woman herself disappeared long ago. Now a TV documentary has launched a nationwide search for the elusive muse. When she is found, her discovery results in a creative block for Robert - but has far more deadly consequences for Anna herself.

Reader's Thoughts


This was a great mystery.Rob has always dreamed of Anna - not an ex-girlfriend, more like an ex-friend and an ex-crush. She walked out of his life twelve or so years ago and he's never seen or heard from her since. An artist, he's become famous painting pictures of her. Just Anna. Over and over and over and over.Unfortunately, his agent, the self-interested Simon, is not as content to let bygones be bygones. He thinks it would be of great media interest to track Anna down and film Rob and her reuniting on live TV.He does so. A week later, Rob is awakened in the middle of the night by a phone call. It's Anna. She's frantic. Someone's coming to get her, she says. Come over as fast as you can! Rob rushes over only to find her stabbed to death in her apartment. Her blood on his hands, he hears a noise in the next room and flees in a panic. Now he's the police's number one suspect.Who really killed Anna? Why?Sometimes the past is best left undisturbed.

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