A Mouse Called Wolf

ISBN: 0375800662
ISBN 13: 9780375800665
By: Dick King-Smith Jon Goodell

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About this book

Wolfgang Amadeus Mouse ("Wolf," for short) has a big name for such a little mouse. But the name fits. His favorite pastime is listening to Mrs. Honeybee, the lady of the house, play the piano. If only he could sing along to the music! One day, Wolf decides to try -- and to his surprise, out of his mouth comes a perfect melody.It's not long before Wolf is singing everything from "Three Blind Mice" to Chopin to the Beatles, all to Mrs. Honeybee's accompaniment. Then an accident leaves Mrs. Honeybee in danger, and it's up to Wolf to save her... the only way he knows how.

Reader's Thoughts

Johnny Bennett

This is a classic kids story that unfortunately loses some of it's appeal as the reader ages. Along the lines of The Mouse and the Motorcycle as far as difficulty, elementary kids will be most interested in the story but will probably struggle over some of the harder words.


Wolf has dreams if singing with the humans. When Mrs. Honeybee falls in her house Wolf is the brave little mouse who saves her and shows friendship can be found in places you least expect it!

Jo Weston

My daughter read this independently, and read it quickly. Said it was one of the best and funniest books she had ever read, so it would be rude not to give it the full 5 *****.

Colleen Mckenna

A mouse called Wolf tells the story of Wolfgang Amadeus, a mouse with a very special talent, the ability to sing. I enjoyed the use of role reversal in this book in particular when the cat becomes scared of the singing mouse. I thought the relationship between Wolfgang and Mrs Honeybee was touching as they were both lonely and despite being unable to talk were able to communicate through music. I think this idea of alternative communication could potentially be an interesting discussion topic in class. I also liked the fact that at the end of this book was brief overview of the real Amadeus Wolfgang Mozart’s life. I believe this would make a great class story book, because the story is fun but it also taps into issues such as respecting animals and appreciating each other’s differences.


Not much is expected from the runt mouse of a large litter. His brothers and sisters make fun of him for being so small. Named as ‘Wolf’ after Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, soon realises he is very special. He opens his mouth one day and becomes the first ever singing mouse! The owner of the house in which Wolf lives plays the piano very well and he is able to copy the songs with a pure singing voice. They develop a friendship despite not understanding a word of each other. And one day Wolf fulfils his potential and composes his own musical piece, deserving the name given to him, accidently by his mother. I thought it was a sweet story but not one which I was desperate to know what happens next. The terror that the cat feels towards the mouse after an initial altercation made me laugh a few times and Smith uses some beautiful descriptions of the songs.This book shows that we can become friends with others, without needing to speak the same language. I think it would be well suited to a child in the first few years of key stage 2.


I read this to my kids as their school gave it to families to encourage reading together. Maybe I would have liked it more if I hadn't had a two year old squirming in my lap trying to get some of the attention I was giving the other kids. It was just an ok kind of book.

Anna Elizabeth

What an adorable book! I picked this up a few nights ago when I was feeling down, and breezed through the whole thing. Wolfgang Amadeus, Wolf for short, is an amazing little mouse. I sure wish I could sing. This is an delightful heart-lifting read for anyone, no matter your age.

Luke Herbst

Fun story about a mouse who was the runt of the litter. His mother gives him the name Wolfgang Amadeus Mouse after the composer Mozart. His family calls him Wolf for short. He becomes the first singing mouse and befriends the old lady that owns the house that he lives in. Written by Dick King-Smith and illustrated by Jon Goodell.

Carol Royce Owen

The runt of the litter is given the big, ridiculous name of Wolfgang Amadeus, which leads to a lot of teasing from his brothers and sisters. When they shorten it to Wolf, they think it's a joke, but he couldn't be happier. Wolf lives in the wall behind a grand piano, and every day enjoys the playing of Mrs. Honeybee. Loving the music so much, he attempts to sing the songs on his own and then later to Mrs. Honeybee's accompaniment as they become friends.

Lauren Tarver

This book is about a little Mouse named Wolf Who lives in a Piano that belongs to a lonly old lady. I loved this book and thought it had a cute story line. I think this book would be best for fith grade on up. I like how the mouse befriends the old lady and sings for her. I think children would enjoy this book and help them use their imaginations.


Very cute story, and an easy read. The boys loved the characters.


Dick King-Wolf is a master of children's "animal-lit." (Is there such a genre? There should be.) This was a sweet book and enjoyable (for a 4-year-old . . . not much younger).

Christina Michaels shaw

It has a good message but you don't arrive to that until the end. If you have a young musician or pianist, then this would be a nice read aloud. I didn't care for the author's choice of voice, it was confusing because it was like having a narrator but with different "thoughts" of the characters. The word choice in this book was excellent. The vocabulary would be great to spotlight to students and to engage their interest in the book. However, I would not read this whole book as a read aloud because it lost my interest early in the book and may do the same for other kids. My boys enjoyed it.

Alexandra Aguirre

Animal non fictionAs far as fiction this was very different from anything I read in the passed. It got one's emotions really moving. One minute I felt sympathy while the next I felt joy. It's quite a thrilling book for portraying the life of a house mouse. This was a chapter book and every chapter was something new and different. I think the book did a good job of tying everything together. The story was about a mouse who has a unique name (Wolfgang Amadeus) who is small and also is bullied for having such a long name. Later he realizes he can really sing, then becomes a composer and in the end has a recital! Quite an extraordinary life for a mouse I'd say. I find this book to be motivational for children. The book shows how even if you are small you can go on to do really big things. Overall I liked the book a lot.

Cheryl in CC NV

Ok, I've been comparing lots of books by DKS in re' their illustrations and the plausibility of the magic. Again, this illustrator is new to me, and his work fits the story perfectly. But in contrast to what I usually say about DKS's animal fantasies being better if believable, in this one the magic is totally implausible, but it's still an utterly charming simple fable about friendship, courage, and following one's dreams. I love that the side characters, Mary (the mother mouse) and the cat and even the mouse siblings and the police officer, are funny and interesting. And I love the information about music, ie cradle songs and berceuse.

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