A New Frontier: Saga of the Sierras Complete Set (#1-7)

ISBN: 0884863662
ISBN 13: 9780884863663
By: Brock Thoene Bodie Thoene

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Action Adventure Action Adventure Sports Christian Fiction Historical Fiction To Read Western

About this book

Saddle up for adventure! A New Frontier brings together in one rousing volume the first four of Brock and Bodie Thoene's frontier novels. Set in the rugged landscape of early California with its parched deserts, untamed wilderness, treacherous hills, and rough towns this quartet of stand-alone novels tells the stories of four very different men who must face the greatest challenges of their lives. Only faith and raw courage can see them through. But in that wild country will it be enough? Sparkling with the breathtaking settings, historically authentic details, and believable characters the Thoenes are known for, A New Frontier gallops away with thrilling edge-of-your-saddle adventure carefully seasoned with good values and just a sprinkling of tender romance. It's an exciting ride western lovers will never forget.

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