A Room Forever: The Life, Work, And Letters Of Breece D’j Pancake

ISBN: 1572333677
ISBN 13: 9781572333673
By: Thomas E. Douglass

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About this book

After twenty-six-year-old author Breece D'J Pancake took his own life in April 1979, the West Virginian's posthumously published short-story collection made a considerable impact on the world of letters. His work was praised for a controlled muscular style reminiscent of Hemingway, for its strong undercurrent of emotion, and for its evocation of the blighted lives of the mountain poor. In A Room Forever, Thomas E. Douglass offers a detailed portrait of Pancake's short life, examining the varied circumstances and emotional forces that led to the writer's suicide and exploring Pancake's influence on contemporary fiction generally and Appalachian writing in particular.Drawing on notebooks, letters, and manuscripts left by Pancake as well as numerous conversations and interviews with family, friends, and others, Douglass has recreated the key events of the young artist's life: his West Virginia childhood, his romantic losses, his education as a writer at the University of Virginia, and the acceptance of his work by the East Coast literary establishment. Through analysis of the story fragments reproduced in this volume, including "The Conqueror" and "Shouting Victory", Douglass illustrates the recurring themes -- such as fear of failure and the inability to escape disaster -- that Pancake expressed so eloquently in his work, and he shows their origins in the writer's own personal history.Douglass examines the degree to which Pancake drew on his memories of life in Appalachia and discusses Pancake's influence on other Appalachian writers such as Pinckney Benedict. Douglass argues that Pancake's posthumous collection, The Stories of Breece D'J Pancake, brought a renewed interest inregional writing to the national literary scene. A Room Forever brings to life the artistic sensibility and inner turmoil of a legendary figure in contemporary southern letters.

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Essays about Pancake and his work as well as a selection of letters. Enlightening, frustrating and invaluable. Pancake was and is the high mark for us hillbilly literature makers.

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