A Rose for Emily / The Evening Sun / Dry September : Une Rose pour Emily / Soleil Couchant / Septembre Ardent

ISBN: 0785948775
ISBN 13: 9780785948773
By: William Faulkner

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Reader's Thoughts


Though Faulkner writes about Mississipi and Yoknapatawpha, his own imaginary territory of 2400 Miles sq. with 15611 inhabitants, centered by Jefferson city, but I always see every single part of the world in his novels, where the characters are suffering of the situation which is imposed by visible and invisible powers, but they keep going on with life as they have no other possibilities ...به گمان من "یک گل سرخ برای امیلی" باید اولین اثری از فالکنر باشد که به فارسی ترجمه شده، سال ها پیش توسط نجف دریابندری، و گویا در 1334 در جنگ هنر و ادبیات امروز منتشر شده. سپس تر، در 1362 در مجموعه ای همراه با داستان های دیگری چون "سپتامبر خشک" و "طلا همیشه نیست" توسط همین مترجم، توسط انتشارات نیلوفر منتشر شده است.

John Yelverton

A collection of wonderful stories from the Nobel Prize winning author.


A Rose for Emily - Faulkner at his best.


I actually have a Japanese collection that includes these three stories as well as "Red Leaves" and extensive notes (mostly for Japanese learners of English). It is edited by Kenzaburo Ohashi.


A Rose for Emily, was not the best short-story I've read. I thought it was weird and not in a good way. Faulkner's writing was okay. I really want to read The Sound and the Fury, so I hope it is better than his short-story.

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