A Storm Without Rain: A Novel in Time

ISBN: 0937822809
ISBN 13: 9780937822807
By: Jan Adkins

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About this book

A perennial favorite, reprinted for a new generation. Jan Adkins' young adult novel sends a spunky but alienated teenager back through time in "a storm without rain" to his New England home town in 1904, where he becomes the best friend, shipmate and co-conspirator to his own grandfather at his age. More than a fantasy, the town and times and most of the people the boys meet are factual. The textures, smells, sounds and sights of a vanished era return in this compelling narrative. What a young man learns about family, love and the march of time might just affect you as well.

Reader's Thoughts

William Young

This book is about a young boy namned Jack who ran away from home. He ran away so he wouldn’t have to give a speech at his grandfather's funeral. He falls asleep on a beach and wakes up in the past, the time his grandfather was his age. He learns about his grandfather and after a long experience living in his time Jack goes back to his own time knowing more about life back in the time of his grandfather. The main charecters are young boys, around age 13, who help their captain build ships. When Jack goes back in time he becomes good friends with his grandpa and they work together. The setting is very important in this book. Jack lives in Marion, Massachusetts during present time. He is then transported through time to the 1800’s when his grandfather was his age. The time is important because Jack is not used to living this new way. This book is mainly for young adults male or female. I would recommend it because it has a great story and it teaches about how making one mistake could change everything. I would give this book a 4 our of 5 rating.

Ben E

A Storm Without RainA Storm Without Rain by Jan Adkins is a fictional novel about a young man named Jack Carter, and the unexpected journey he takes to find himself through his family’s past. Jack, the protagonist, lives in Marion, Massachusetts in the 1980’s. Surrounding his home is Buzzard’s Bay, a body of water that is highly influential in his lifestyle. His family has run the Carter Yard for generations of boat building. The Bay is the center of young Jack’s life. However, he fails to recognize that there is a detailed story in his family’s past; he only views life in the present. This concept of time— past, present, and future— takes him on a journey that will change his life.Jack believes that John Swain Carter, his grandfather, is just a leftover from the past. His grandfather is not as much a part of his life as the Bay is, so when Jack is asked to speak at his 94th birthday, he scrambles for a way to get out of it. Resting on an island in his Bay, Jack escapes the birthday. But when he doses off in the soft comfort of the grass on Penikese Island, a former leper colony, he is attacked by both soothing and frightening thoughts, half sleep, and a storm. However, this is not a real storm; it is a storm of time, a storm without rain. Jack is transported back into 1904, where he befriends a fifteen-year-old boy like himself named John Swain Carter.A Storm Without Rain is a truly engrossing book that provides insight on the life on the Bay. I particularly enjoyed this book, for I could relate it to my own life on the Chesapeake Bay. Also, this novel supplies the reader with a glimpse of the lifestyle of the early 1900’s, discussing the evolution of horse-drawn transportation to automobiles. Throughout the book the concept of the passage of time is a major theme, making this book an interesting read for all ages. This concept provokes the reader to ask, “Is time as definite as we think?” The book’s only downfall is that the climactic moment— when Jack is transported back to 1904— is somewhat rushed and there is not enough buildup for it. However, the excellent character development and intriguing themes more than make up for this flaw.

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