A Testament of Hope: The Essential Writings of Martin Luther King, Jr

ISBN: 0062509314
ISBN 13: 9780062509314
By: Martin Luther King Jr. James Washington

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Reader's Thoughts


Awesome collection of Dr. Martin Luther King's, Jr.'s greatest speeches. I was really moved by the ones dealing with constructive action. Using portions of his speeches to make points about the need for African-American men to be worthy of praise from their women and children.

Garth Richards

I haven't read the entire book but no book collection is complete without some material written by Martin Luther King Jr.! The first three chapters blew me away. He talks about how when you are having a revolution against evil and tyranny you don't fight evil by using evil tactics. "Do not be overcome by evil but overcome evil by good"


Dr. King's inspiration, insight and hope shine in this book. Always uplifting.

Terri R

Brilliant, inspiring--- a shining testament to the power and skill with which Dr. King would express ideas and create powerful imagery through his words. I find this to be a timeless book.

Amy Lowry

Amazing collection of Martin Luther Kings writings, he is one of my favorite authors. Explores his belief in Ghandi's philosophy of non violence and its power over hate. This book is a must read for anyone grappling with the war era we are currently living through.

Japhet Ovuewhorie

very inspirational,really love to read it,martin luther king jr,my greatest inspirator


I'm really enjoying getting to know Martin Luther King, Jr. better. This has also given me a better understanding of the non-violent, passive resistance movement. It is reinforcing my feelings that somehow we need to find a solution to our class problems here in the US. It also reminded me of the fact that although legislation declares rights, it doesn't deliver them. I'm so glad that people, leaders and forces came together in the 60's to start a long-needed movement for civil rights for blacks.It's interesting to compare Martin Luther King's desire for complete integration with the black movement following his martyrdom--that of black equality, but separatism. It's all such a complicated subject!One other item . . . reading this made me think of what would have happened if Martin Luther King had not been killed. For a number of reasons--his anti-Viet Nam sentiment among them--he was falling out of favor in the black community, even among his own Southern Leadership Christian Conference. Once martyred, he ascended into immortality. If he hadn't become a martyred hero, would he be as well known today? I'd know about him, but would my children? Other than as a small part of the civil rights movement? Would we have MLK Day? Or just a civil rights day? Or none? Interesting to think about.


It is easy to know Dr. King as simply an icon, a hero, a figure from the past, but reading his essays, speeches, sermons, and memoirs is a powerful reminder that he was a truly great and extraordinary man, a spiritual leader, a visionary, an unrelenting proponent of nonviolent social transformation, and an advocate for love and justice in all forms. His writing has moved me to tears on more than one occasion. If you are unfamiliar with either his deeds or his writings, stop what you are doing and read this collection.


Still haven't finished, there's so many good sermons and speeches. Very encouraging! Haunting to read his words after Barack was voted in.


This should be a required read- truly inspirational, it gives a much broader perspective that highlights King's writings way beyond the I have a Dream speech. Amazing.


Excellent book! This literary composition entail speeches and interview transcripts such as Pilgrimage to Nonviolence (1960), Who Speaks for the South? (1958),If Negro Wins, Labor Wins (1962), Nobel Prize Acceptance Speech (1964) and Meet the Press interview (1966)

Brent Fernandez

this is an incredible collection of speeches & writings. highly recommended!

Daryl Grigsby

letter from a birmingham jail and time to break the silence - alone worth the book!


Martin Luther King Jr makes me proud to be a Christian in America, and urges me on to really do it well.


I'm still in the first stages of reading this book, but I really like how some of the writings in this book make references to Christ. Martin Luther King was a pioneer in his time. I would be lead to believe that which I've read so far, this book is definately a good read.

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