A Treasury of Kahlil Gibran

ISBN: 0806504102
ISBN 13: 9780806504100
By: Khalil Gibran Martin L. Wolf Anthony R. Ferris

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About this book

Kahlil Gibran, author of "The Prophet," is known throughout the world as The Immortal Prophet of Lebanon and the Savant of his Age. The very heart of the mystic East emerges in this monumental volume of the magnificent poetry and prose that he wrote in his beloved mother tongue, Arabic. Translated superbly into English, here are the nine great books, gathered together in one giant volume and now available in a paperback edition for Gibran's myriad admirers in America.In these writings "the Dante of the twentieth century" offers verses and lyric prose which possess all the grandeur of rich music. Here are the great truths and heartening joys, drawn from the tears and sufferings of man. Here are pages that sparkle with simile and symbolism, of which Gibran is the world's unquestioned master.And here is the profound exaltation of a great soul that has found salvation in the heart of sorrow. In this book you will find wistful beauty, fierce anger, spellbinding majesty, and the abiding peace that Eastern wisdom seeks eternally in contemplation.The nine books which make up "A Treasury of Kahlil Gibran" contain the texts of "Secrets of the Heart," "Tears and Laughter" and "Spirits Rebellious," together with hitherto unpublished writings by Gibran, which are included in the brilliant preface by the distinguished Gibran scholar, Martin L. Wolf.

Reader's Thoughts


And here's an interruption of everything. Got hold of The Treasury of Kahlil Gibran. Everything else I was reading is definately pushed to the side. Love him!!!


This books introduced me to his writings. The melody of his words is seductive and my favorite poem is the one about Life of Love. The winter brought me to tears.

Pam Mccullough

Beautifully written.


I think,his writings are gently soporific for me.such an ebb and flow, a rhythmic rocking.A sense of calm for a haring mind, engaging heart and soulas they are read.This book in hand is older than any i can find on this sitebeaten and battered long before it came my way.has an old inscription inside,a gift of love given long ago.the giver tells their favorite pieces.most folks who know his writings have one or two.the book the prophet is known welland well loved by many.My own cravings tonightbrought on by this wild wind,falling ice,and the crshing waves, led me to search for "The Tempest",my own hearts favorite.always read with new eyes.It's been a long time since I have read any of his workand just a little, it seems,can make a person hunger to hear more.

Christina knox

I gather we share a scorpio moon. I used to pace around my 10x10 foot apartment reading this during my improvisational yoga and magic mushrooms phase.


I read this book in bits a pieces over several months - more as an exercise in literacy than anything else. There was a lot of wisdom in it, of course, but it was hard reading.

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