A was once an Apple Pie

ISBN: 0439660564
ISBN 13: 9780439660563
By: Edward Lear Suse MacDonald

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About this book

Hand painted cut paper artwork by Caldecott winner Suse MacDonald illustrates this adaptation of Edward Lear's classic ABC rhyme.

Reader's Thoughts

Mark Nenadov

A classic rhyme from the 1800's with new illustrations. Absolutely brilliant!


I found the rhymes annoying, personally. I know I'm not the target audience, but even for a kid's book, it seemed kind of condescending to anyone older than 4 years old...


Wonderful rhyming using pretend words! You could make up your own chant or tune to go along with each page in the book. The children love making up their own words for each letter. This is a good introduction or supplemental material for phonemic awareness.

Autumn Yoon

GREAT book to use when introudcing ABCs and commas in a series. This book is great for beginning and emerging readers. I would use this book for a lesson on the alphabet and commas in a series. Appropriate for grades K-1st.



Dianne Norberg

It is an okay alphabet book. It does have rhyming words, but most are nonsense words.

Becky B

Edward Lear wrote this rhyming, somewhat nonsensical alphabet poem in the 1800s. Suse MacDonald has added some colorful illustrations in a style similar to Eric Carle that make the rhymes come to life. Kids should love the fun rhymes for each animal or object. Obviously, it is a fun book to use for learning the alphabet. Teachers could also use this when studying rhyming sounds or it could be used as a model for students to write their own rhyming poetry a'la Lear (just be careful which words are picked to rhyme so no one accidentally gets a naughty word).


A rhyming ABC, with lots of humor, is sure to make students giggle.


A brilliant book to introduce phonemic awareness with words that rhyme along with the letters and words. Spin it in a tune, and I guarantee your kids will enjoy it, as much as my kids did!

Literacy Group

This book has a colorful pictures. It uses rhymes to describe the letters. Grades PreK-KindergartenHeather


This is a great alphabet book with lots of rhymes and repetition. Younger readers will enjoy the repetition, while older readers will enjoy the world play and made up words. Parents will enjoy the sheer silliness of this book.

Jacquelyn DeWitt

great for discussing letters and rhyming.

Peter Heinrich

This is one of one of those books I just don't get, like Goodnight Moon.


This was a twist on the traditional A is for apple alphabet book.


This alphabet book does a great job of illustrating the words as well as the letter. It provides various examples for each letter. I thought this book was fun and unique from most other alphabet books.

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