A Wrinkle in Time: L-I-T Guide

ISBN: 1566440114
ISBN 13: 9781566440110
By: Charlotte S. Jaffe Barbara Doherty

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Reader's Thoughts

Colin Perkins

The worst thing I have ever had to deal with. Worse then any bad movie or video game, this is the worse bit of 'art' there is. I know that it seems like an exageration to say something like that, but something has to be the very biggest pile of trash, this just happens to be it.The book is so under described that several parts have to be read three or four times to be understood. All of the characters can not be related to. They are exagerated, cartoon like and just plain silly. The main hero acts like a four year old and her baby brother acts like he's in his 30s. The plot doesn't get going until 2 thirds into the story. Up until then things just happen for no reason. The forced Christian themes are out of place and slightly offensive. Lastly, the ending is abrupt and feels rushed.The style of writing talks down to the children that maybe reading it and treats them like morons. I'm 100% sure it made me slightly dumber, so if my review does have spelling errors, you know why.


Just reread this book as a summer read with my daughter. Great! I appreciate it more now than I did way back when.

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