Aaron Siskind 55 Series

ISBN: 071484151X
ISBN 13: 9780714841519
By: James Rhem Sylvie Aubenas Aaron Siskind

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About this book

Aaron Siskind (1903-1991) was an acclaimed photographer and teacher who sought to develop a new pictorial language for photography. Best known for his remarkable abstract images, Siskind sought inspiration for his phtoographs in music, poetry and painting. Siskind's aptitude for teaching led him to become one of the most important photography teachers in America in the 20th century, influencing generations of photographers at the Chicago Institute of Design and the Rhode Island School of Design over a 40-year period.

Reader's Thoughts

Audrey Babkirk Wellons

I know little about photography, and abstract art isn't usually something I'm drawn to. But the handful of Siskind's b&w works showcased here are so evocative, so in love with texture and shape, that I couldn't help but be drawn in. Plus, the accompanying text is almost poetry, with the author describing one object by saying, "You seem to have known it for as long as you’ve known the palm of your hand."

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