Across the Years (Desert Roses, #2)

ISBN: 0764225189
ISBN 13: 9780764225185
By: Tracie Peterson

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About this book

Disowned by her parents for marrying a man they disapproved of, Ashley Reynolds faces even greater hardship when she loses her husband in a tragic accident - and she's left alone with a baby on the way.Working as a Harvey Girl in Winslow, Arizona, provides the element of peace she has sought. But despite her young daughter's desire for a father, Ashley finds her heart still attached to the man she lost so long ago. When circumstances force Ashley to confront the past, she finds herself torn between her desire for love and the pain she harbors in her heart.

Reader's Thoughts


i finished this in one night i really liked it alot.

Catherine Clem

Again, another winner by Tracie. I could not put it down.


** spoiler alert ** Ashley Murphy was raised well off, but when she went against her parents wishes and married Ethan reynolds all that changed. Her mother disowned her and told her she was dead to their family. Then her new husband went off to serve in the great war after only a new months of marriage, never to return or so she thought. He was deemed a hero for risking his life to save others. Ethan didn't even know he was to be a father and when his parents died of influenza, Ashley was forced to ask for help from her Grandfather Whitman, who also had been disowned from his family for disolving his wealth and turning to religion. They moved from CA to Winslow, AZ where Ashley worked as a Harvey girl and raised her daughter with the help of Grandfather. She raised her daughter, Natalie to know of her father and his hero status and then EJ Carson came to town to work on the new resort. Natalie latched onto him instantly with her dream to become an architect like her deceased father. EJ turns out to be Ethan her real father. Ethan had been wounded in the war and then when he returned to CA, Ashley's mother said she was dead. He never recovered the heartache nor the war nightmere and was transient in his work calling no place home because he was an only child and his parents had died with the influenza before he returned from the war. The truth comes out when grandfather requests the audience of his two daughters and Mrs. Murphy tells Ashley that her husband is really alive. Ashley has never gotten over loosing Ethan or her anger at her mother for turning her away when she was so in need. Hearts are softened and mending happens as forgiveness is given and accepted. Lessons of God's love are given: : "God may seem silent for a season (when bad thinks happen), but be assured, He is never absent. He won't leave you to bear things alone, unless that's the way you choose to bear them. He leaves it up to you."


I also enjoyed this story and the characters were very likeable. I however feel the same way about this book as I did the first in the series. A lot of the references I felt were too modern for the time period in which they occured. An easy enjoyable story though.


It was a little predictable but still a pleasant read. Useful when needing to pass the time.


I checked all three books in this series out together, with the obvious plan to read the entire series. But, the first one wasn't great. Nothing wrong with it, but nothing very original. Since I had the other books, and they weren't a continuation of the same story I decided to read this one too. It was ok, but a lot of the story was similar in many ways to the other one. I guess I've read too many books lately that involved people not communicating when they have the opportunity, and thus more problems arise. Come on people, spit it out.

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