Active Literacy Across the Curriculum

ISBN: 1596670231
ISBN 13: 9781596670235
By: Heidi Hayes Jacobs

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Education Literacy Teaching Teaching And Learning To Read To Read Teaching To Read Teaching Books

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Table of ContentsForewordAcknowledgements1. Revising Roles: Every Teacher Becomes an Active Language Teacher2. Teaching English as a Foreign Language: Employing Three Distinctive Types of Vocabulary3. Creative Notetaking: Activating Extraction and Reaction from Texts4. Editing and Revising Independently: Using a Consistent Developmental Policy in Every K-12 Classroom5. Speaking and Listening in Groups: Working with the Discussion Types6. Tuning the Speaking/Listening Instrument: Giving Voice Lessons in Each Classroom7. Mapping Active Literacy: Revising and Integrating Curriculum Maps K-12Bibliography

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