Adventures of a Sea Hunter: In Search of Famous Shipwrecks

ISBN: 1553650719
ISBN 13: 9781553650713
By: James P. Delgado Clive Cussler

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About this book

Leading archaeologist and consummate storyteller James Delgado takes readers on a rollicking deep-sea dive into his highly unusual life's work: locating and exploring the world's most famous shipwrecks. Colorful characters, near misses, and the thrill of standing — or floating — in history's footprints make for a highly entertaining look at the fascinating history and glittering bounty beneath the waves. Included are accounts of Pearl Harbor, the Titanic, and Bikini Atoll, site of the world's first nuclear tests.

Reader's Thoughts

Graham Page

Fantastic non-fiction with conspiracies, hidden shipwrecks, mysteries, and more!

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