Aidsafari: A Memoir of My Journey with AIDS

ISBN: 1868729281
ISBN 13: 9781868729289
By: Adam Levin

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Reader's Thoughts

Tandi Mapukata

Such an engaging experience, brutally frank, blow by blow account of staring death in the face as a young white, middle class SA male.


“The world has AIDS,” writes Adam Levin. “And if you give a shit about the world, you have it too.” Far from depressing, this is a fascinating and witty account of Levin’s two years struggling to come to terms with a disease he denied until he was nearly on his death bed. His journal entries show us one view of what it feels like physically and emotionally to be on the AIDS treatment roller coaster. The author is very much aware of how different his experience is as a relatively well-to-do member of a supportive family from the vast majority of AIDS sufferers in South Africa whose treatment options are limited by poverty.Levin is unabashedly gay. Although he is no longer attracted to the shallowness of most clubbing relationships, he has not ‘found Jesus,’ as he puts it, although he has moved from confirmed atheism to some kind of belief in miracles and a Higher Power. The book is full of insights into homosexuality and the gay clubbing world invisible to the rest of us.

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