Albion’s Dream

ISBN: 0385305338
ISBN 13: 9780385305334
By: Roger Norman

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About this book

When twelve-year-old Edward Yeoman discovers a strange board game in his uncle's house, he and his cousin play the creepy game, with sinister results.

Reader's Thoughts

Claudia Piña

Lo estoy leyendo con mis primitas y les esta gustando mucho. Y a mi también, es un muy buen libro juvenil.Update: Pues a pesar de ser relativamente largo para ellas y el tiempo extra que toma leer en voz alta, lo terminamos rapido porque estaban muy emocionadas. Y con razón, porque es un gran libro que podría atrapar a jóvenes y adultos por igual.Tiene aventura, misterio, suspenso, momentos sobrenaturales y un muy buen protagonista. El juego de mesa que aparece en el libro es bastante creepy.


My one regret about this book (which I've read several times over the years) was that it ended exactly as if it would be followed by a sequel, but Norman sadly never wrote anything else.


reading the spanish version.

Linda Hiemstra

Pure nostalgio. I used to check this book out of the library all the time, so I was very happy to track down a copy years later - albeit in English and without the lovely pencil drawings I remembered. I like the magical realism of this book, coupled with the English mythology. I just kinda wish it included more about the game so I could play it myself!

Asael Arroyo

i remember it was great, though im not sure what was it about haha

Ken Sweet

Before Harry Potter there was Albion's Dream. Not condescending, not at all dumbed down, this short novel is packed with meaning and excitement, and is enjoyable for adults and kids alike. Albion's Dream is a wonderful journey about a mystical game and the child who finds it. One read will leave you yearning for more. I have read it every year since I first discovered it at the public library, when I was a teenager, and I consistently find some new and deeper meaning in some subtle piece of prose, some new bit that I have never noticed before. This book helped inspire me to become a writer, to experiment with game-making, and to travel to the UK in search of the inspiration that can be found in the antiquities there. Those decisions have shaped the course of my life. Highly recommended for anyone from the age of 12 to 112.


There is a game which has been passed down through generations of a family. Playing this game alters reality so that the fate of certain pieces within the game affects the fate of certain pieces within life. This book inspired me hugely about making games when I was a teenager. I'm now rereading it to my daughter.

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