Alexander’s Care of the Patient in Surgery

ISBN: 0323039278
ISBN 13: 9780323039277
By: Jane C. Rothrock

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About this book

For more than 60 years, ALEXANDER'S CARE OF THE PATIENT IN SURGERY has been an essential, reliable resource for perioperative nursing. The detailed, state-of-the-art information in this edition reflects current procedures and promotes the delivery of comprehensive patient care. This text provides nurses with the tools needed to deliver safe, cost-effective, high-quality patient care.

Reader's Thoughts


This textbook is an excellent resource for surgical technologists. Well written and well organized with excellent and up to date information.


i am back doing a lot of neuro at work and getting thrown into other surgeries i may not be super-familiar with. this is a great review. love this book. had to finally break down and buy it even though it's a textbook and cost about $100. valuable resource for any OR nurse!

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