All Growed-Up!

ISBN: 0689844131
ISBN 13: 9780689844133
By: Cathy West Jim Durk

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Adventurous My To Reads Picture Book

About this book

Hang on to your diapies, babies, we're goin' to the foocher!The babies are fed up with Angelica's antics. And what better way to stick up for themselves than to get "biggerer" -- and quick! Inspired by a mad scientist on TV, Tommy fashions a time machine out of odds and ends and -- "ZAP!" -- the babies are ten years older. But so is Angelica, and she's bossier than ever!

Reader's Thoughts


Fun story for older fans of The Rugrats.

Danielle Simmons

This book was a nice book for children. It will keep the kids intrigued while reading it. It is adventurous and the kids can relate with their imaginations. An easy read for kids to enjoy.

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