All My Tomorrows (The Orphan Trains Trilogy, #2)

ISBN: 1590521307
ISBN 13: 9781590521304
By: Al Lacy JoAnna Lacy

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About this book

When 62 orphans and abandoned children leave New York City on a train headed out West, they have no idea what to expect. Will they get separated from their friends or siblings? Will their new families love them? Will a family even pick them at all? Future events are wilder than any of them could imagine -- ranging from kidnappings and whippings to stowing away on wagon trains, from starting orphanages of their own to serving as missionaries to the Apaches. No matter what, their paths are being watched by someone who cares about and carefully plans all their tomorrows.

Reader's Thoughts


This is book 2 in The Orphan Train Trilogy.

Karla M

This was my second book in the Orphan Trains Trilogy by Al Lacy. I pre-read this book for my sons' US history. It's a good read for 5th/6th grade level. Lacy tastefully writes of the harshness that some children experienced during the Orphan Train era.


"All My Tomorrows" is the second in the Orphan Trilogy and again appears to a book you either like or dislike. I found the book charming, endearing and heartbreaking as well as hopeful.This, the second book is different than the first, as the first also included seeing foster patents before the moment of being foster parents. In this book we watch how several of those who end up on the train got there, and more time with the children in their new homes.The first book showed nothing but the good side of the orphan trains. This second book shows some of the sadder side of what could happen to those children. I again seem to cry from early on until the end.A good book for all reading levels above early middle school I would say.

Endor Solo

It was a good story, but I thought the dialogue of the characters was too modern for what was supposedly a book set in the 1800s.


The story starts out in New York in 1874 and tells the stories of several children that had become orphans and are being transported by "The Orphan Train" out West to be adopted by families. The Orphan Train was started in 1854 by Dr. Charles Loring Brace after hearing of more than 30,000 children (orphans or run-aways) living on the streets of New York. For the next 75 years, until the last train in 1929, more than 250,000 children were placed in homes in every western state and territory except Arizona.This is the second book in a trilogy and introduces a brand new group of orphans on their way out West to find new homes and families.

Barbara kuhn

Written more for younger readers. Very simple story. I was interested in learning more about the orphan train. I think I'll try a non-fiction book.

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