American Government: Continuity and Change, 2006 Alternate Edition, Election Update (8th Edition) (MyPoliSciLab Series)

ISBN: 0321434617
ISBN 13: 9780321434616
By: Karen O'Connor Larry J. Sabato

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About this book

This  election update  edition of the number one book in American government continues to provide the most current and engaging introduction available for the course without chapters dedicated to policy. Written with the belief that knowledge of the development of American government is integral to fully understand our current political system, "American Government: Continuity and Change" offers a strong historical perspective that highlights the evolution of government and engages students with examples relevant to their lives today.

Reader's Thoughts


Reading for my government class for school. Actually has some good information in it. Not too bad of a text book, especially considering I don't really like government.

Scott Taylor

Required by the State of California for college, this book is chalked full of facts, processes, and organizational structures of government and politicians that are best kept from reaching the cognitive stage of identification, much less symbolism, mental representation, and thought.

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