American Slang: The Abridged Edition of the Dictionary of American Slang

ISBN: 0062732935
ISBN 13: 9780062732934
By: Robert L. Chapman Barbara Ann Kipfer

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About this book

From "cowpokes" to "cyber punks," from "flappers" to "gangsta rappers, American Slang" chronicles the ever-evolving, informal, unconventional language we use every day. Expanded and completely updated, this 2nd edition contains thousands of contemporary and traditional slang expressions, including the newest computer lingo and slang from the Internet. Entries Feature:DefinitionsPronunciationsTime and place originsEditorial notesCross-referencesExamples that illustrate and validate usageSynonyms and variant formsImpact symbols

Reader's Thoughts

Josi Rebar

Not as good as the international book of slang.

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