An Edward Lear Alphabet

ISBN: 0060281138
ISBN 13: 9780060281137
By: Edward Lear Vladimir Radunsky

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Reader's Thoughts

Catherine Fevery

The book discusses the different letters of the alphabet. A, for example, is an apple pie. The author then tells all of the things that rhyme with that word even if the words are made up. D is for doll so the author rhymes doll with dolly wolly polly, etc. The author switches between animals and objects to teach children the alphabet. The book is very creative and the rhyming is great for grabbing children's attention and helping them remember their alphabet. The author goes through the whole alphabet discussing each of the different letters each with their different descriptions. This book would be great for children who are learning their alphabet. I think the author wrote the book for adults to read to children instead of children reading it themselves. The children would not be able to read some of the words, so I think this book should be read out loud to children.


This is a good book for children learning the alphabet and learning how to read. It is a rhyming alphabet book.

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