An Introduction to Fuzzy Control

ISBN: 3540606912
ISBN 13: 9783540606918
By: Dimiter Driankov Hans Hellendoorn

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About this book

Fuzzy controllers are a class of knowledge based controllers using artificial intelligence techniques with origins in fuzzy logic. They can be found either as stand-alone control elements or as integral parts of distributed control systems including conventional controllers in a wide range of industrial process control systems and consumer products. Applications of fuzzy controllers have become a well established practice for Japanese manufacturers of control equipment and systems, and are becoming more and more common in Europe and America. The main aim of this book is to show that fuzzy control is not totally ad hoc, that there exist formal techniques for the analysis of a fuzzy controller, and that fuzzy control can be implemented even when no expert knowledge is available. Thus the book is mainly oriented toward control engineers and theorists, although parts can be read without any knowledge of control theory and may be of interest to Al people. This 2nd, revised edition incorporates suggestions from numerous reviewers and updates and reorganizes some of the material.

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