And a Hard Rain Fell

ISBN: 157071987X
ISBN 13: 9781570719875
By: John Ketwig

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About this book

I didn't set out to write a book. It was 1982, fourteen years after I had last set foot in Vietnam, and thirteen years after I returned to The World. I had a family and a career. I'd never written more than an occasional letter to the editor in my life. My twisted insides had spawned ulcers. The nightmares were more frequent. I needed to get Vietnam out into the open, but I couldn't talk about it. Not after all those years. Thus begins John Ketwig's powerful memoir of the Vietnam War. Now, over 15 years after its initial publication, Sourcebooks is proud to bring ...and a hard rain fell back into print in a newly updated edition, with a new introduction by the author and eight pages of never-before-published photographs. From the country roads of upstate New York to the jungles of Vietnam, and finally to the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington, D.C., ...and a hard rain fell is a gripping and visceral account of one young man's struggle to make sense of his place in a world gone mad.

Reader's Thoughts

Cindy Deyo

This really is for anyone of "my" generation who wants to go back and truly feel what "the time's they are a changin'" was all about...wish I had just a bit of this information when I was in my tree-hugger days. A memoir of Vietnam - a slice of life for one 19-year old who came back forever changed. Humbling to say the least.


An absolutely searing and visceral account of one young mans war in Vietnam and its after effects on his life. At times extremely hard to read, making one ask many questions that have no answers, chiefly among them "Why?". I laughed, I wept, I squirmed, the author has a gift and hits all of ones emotions. If you read only one book about this one.


Not having much else to do one vacation, I picked this up at my parents' house and started reading. Oddly enough, I enjoyed it...I generally hate movies about war because they tend to glorify it, but this story told how wrong and pointless it is. It appealed to the bleeding-heart liberal in me.


This is one of the most touching books I have ever read. And I don't use phrases like, "I was touched." It's really great.


clearly the best vietnam era book written/ heartwrenching...


One of the few books that makes me cry. The narration of this book was magnificent. In some instaces I felt that I was right besides him.


Awesome story!!


I just finished reading A Rumor of War by Philip Caputo for school. My teacher recommended this one and conveniently enough, I already own it. So it's next on my list of Vietnam memoirs.


I loved this book! It was a vivid account of the whole scene surrounding Hill 875, Pleiku, and Dak To. It made me want to research and find out more....Ketwig is brutally honest and i loved thst! Great book!!!!!!

Kristin Segermark

Great book about Vietnam and beyond.


This was actually assigned for one of my history classes and I dreaded reading it so much that I was finishing the book as I walked into my final for the class. But it was so worth it and is one of my many all time favorites.

My dad is one of the guys in this book. He never talks about the war. It was a good read. I know him better.


I don't think I have ever read a book that stayed with me longer than this one. Without serving in Viet Nam, no one can imagine the horrors this war brought to the young men and women that served.

Tom Ortowski

Great book Great Writer


One of my favorite books from vietnam. Extremely powerful

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