Angels and Demons in Art

ISBN: 0892368306
ISBN 13: 9780892368303
By: Rosa Giorgi Stefano Zuffi Rosanna M. Giammanco-Frongia

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Reader's Thoughts

Mikael Lind

Put briefly, this book is very interesting and contains amazing paintings by some of Europe's great artists. True, the pictures are sometimes very small and you almost need a magnifying glass to see the details, but the main aim with the book is another - i.e. to explain also the symbolism hidden in the paintings. If you like a particular painting, you should try to find a book with that particular artist or try to visit museum where the painting is situated (information about this is in the book; I particularly want to visit Prado to see some of the amazing Bosch paintings). You don't have to be a christian to enjoy this book - I myself am not! - but simply be interested in the christian psyche. When reading Dante, for example, this book is a great reference book to have at your side. Warmly recommended!

Rosemarie Boll

Excellent handbook. I wish I had had this with me when touring the museums of Europe.

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