Angels and Demons: What Do We Really Know about Them?

ISBN: 0898705508
ISBN 13: 9780898705508
By: Peter Kreeft

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Reader's Thoughts


Enjoyable, but I expected more references. There were quite a few statements that sounded suspiciously like opinions, and I never saw the background or reasoning behind them. Interesting start to studying angelology.


This helped me to understand angels and demons. It very interesting to read, easy to understand. I am very happy I bought it and read it. I knew such things I never knew. I think it changed something in my soul too.


Fun, fun read, especially for those of us who have special friendships with angels.

Stephen Fahrig

Not to be confused with the book of the same title by the infamous Dan Brown (The Da Vinci Code), Peter Kreeft's "Angels and Demons" is a highly readable and theologically profound study of the Catholic view of angelic and demonic beings. Given the prevalence of New Age-type works in circulation these days that purport to "explain" the spirit world, Kreeft's book is a valuable tool in the Catholic arsenal for explaining what angels really are and how they influence us.


First, the book is really about angels. 3/4 of the book treats of angels with only a small section at the end about demons. The audience is anyone curious about angels, either through interest or doubt. His style is rather humorous, even sappy at times, but his strength lies in the sharpness of his arguments. They are clear, compelling, and cover a wide range of Christian issues. This is not out of the ordinary since he also argues that attitudes on angels tap into a host of issues from philosophy to theology.

Christopher Atwood

I very much enjoyed this read. It was informative and made some complex arguments easy to understand. The Q&A format provided a good way to digest discrete topics one at a time. I did expect it to be more academic and dig a little deeper, but a good "starter" for anyone interested in the subject.

JoséMaría BlancoWhite

Reading Peter Kreeft is always a pleasure: his enthusiasm is contagious, his love for God, his good nature and humility in spite of being a philosopher are qualities that should be expected from any writer of books (whose purpose is to get in our minds his version of things).His book on angels is short, pithy, fun, clever as usual, informative, scholarly but not pedantic, and very entertaining. It's one of those books you read in 3 nights (around 150 pages).You have to keep in mind that this author is Catholic and so you are going to find the Catholic perspective on certain aspects of the Christian faith. Catholic or Protestant you should agree, as is clearly demonstrated in this book, that angels are not myths, that they exist and the exist for some reason which is not meant to be any secret.I encourage you to know more about the army of angels that God has disposed for your protection and for communicating His purpose to you, that is: if you are willing to be one of His sons or daughters.Because we all are his creation, but we only become His children by accepting Christ, His Son, as our Lord and Savior (Savior from sin -to those PC oriented persons).


This book is in Q&A form, making it a very easy, quick read. I love Kreeft's righting style. He's very humorous and formulates his points with precision & style. I really enjoyed this book and can't wait to read some more Peter J. Kreeft! Incidentally, he was also friends with Sheldon Vanauken...and I simply love A Severe Mercy and Under the Mercy.


The proof we need to believe in angels.

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