Annie Bananie and the Pain Sisters (Annie Bananie)

ISBN: 044041038X
ISBN 13: 9780440410386
By: Leah Komaiko Abby Carter

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2 0 2 9 Adyra Chapter Books Kids Published 1990s Realistic Fiction Reviewed On Blog Series To Read 特價精裝小說區

About this book

The Boris Avenue Beauties Dog Club came to order. Annie Bananie and her friend Bonnie told about the times each of them had been to the hospital. Bonnie announced that since Annie and she had both been hurt, they should form a new club of their own: the Pain Sisters.Their friend Libby desperately wants to join. When Grandma Gert shows her Grandpa Larry's gallstones in the dresser drawer, Libby hatches her plan. She just has to become a Pain Sister!

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Katie Fitzgerald

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