Arabic-English Dictionary

ISBN: 0879500034
ISBN 13: 9780879500030
By: Hans Wehr J. Milton Cowan

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Reader's Thoughts


Invaluable, a closest companion for a student of Arabic in Damascus. Would be nice to take it everywhere I went, but its a little bulky in the souks...a small pocket edition would be really handy. Arranged by FusHa root words, its very well organized and easy to use.


Quite possibly the best book ever. As far as Arabic-English dictionaries are concerned.


Hans Wehr was my lifeline for years. An absolutely indispensable reference book.


Always reading


more than what i expected

Ramey Moore

This is definitive. You need no other Arabic-English dictionaries than this for everything but the most archaic or obscure words.


It's a dictionary, so there's not much that can be said about it as a review. [return]The layout is acceptable and considering I'm most likely using it to verify my own knowledge, I can't really call it out on any errors.


Incredibly easy to use, if you are familiar with your verb tables. It contains just about any FusHa root you could possibly need, assuming you're not looking for something so obscure that you need to use the full Hans Wehr. I just wish it had English-Arabic as well . . .


Excellent book, I can't imagine studing Arabic without it.


Beware!! This Snowball edition is somewhat expurgated, so try and get the regular paperback edition of the absolute best Arabic dictionary--it's slightly more expensive but worth it.


It's a love hate relationship.

Ian Nisbet

An excellent dictionary unparalleled in its comprehensiveness. Essential for the serious student of Arabic.


A truly amazing piece of scholarship and an invaluable tool for students of the Arabic language. It is a work of beauty and majesty. Yes, I realize that I am talking about a dictionary but it's the damn truth.

Peter Twele

I use my Hans Wehr dictionary regularly ... bought a copy in Jordan back in 1984, great resource.


The best Arabic dictionary--BUT make sure you get THIS edition, as the Snowball one is somewhat expurgated!

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