Arión y el delfín

ISBN: 8495939746
ISBN 13: 9788495939746
By: Vikram Seth Jane Ray Remedios Diéguez Diéguez

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About this book

This tale of a beautiful relationship combines prose and poetry to tell the story of Arion, a young musician at the court of Periander in ancient Greece. Thrown overboard on his return from a musical contest, Arion is saved and befriended by a dolphin in this retelling of a popular adventure. Este relato de una hermosa relación combina la prosa con el verso para contar la historia de Arión, un joven músico en la corte de Periandro en la antigua Grecia. Arrojado por la borda a su regreso de un concurso de música, Arión es salvado por un delfín que se convierte en su amigo en esta adaptación de una aventura popular.

Reader's Thoughts


Magical and lyrical.


Beautifully written and extremely heart breaking! Even without the music to support it, I could not help being lost to its melody! Vikram Seth is perhaps one of the best authors and the greatest poets of our times!

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