Aristides’ Convenient Wife (A Mediterranean Marriage #9)

ISBN: 0373126301
ISBN 13: 9780373126309
By: Jacqueline Baird

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About this book

TO LOVE, HONOR ... AND POSSESS!Leon Aristides believes in money, power and family. So when his sister dies, leaving a son, he acts quickly and ruthlessly. He finds the woman who has guardianship of his nephew and insists she marry him!Helen knows that Leon believes her to be a money-hungry, experienced woman of the world --- until their wedding night reveals otherwise! But Helen wants more than an incredible lover ... she wants a loving husband!

Reader's Thoughts


Eh... She was kind of annoying and ending's dialogue was a bit clunky.

Fre06 Begum

Remorseless cheater I despised him and the female lead for being such a floormat!

Valerie Noble

Okay read. I didn't really care for the male character.


This is an emotional and very passionate romance. I liked both characters. I hated how towards the end Helen misjudged Leon so badly and how she believed a virtual stranger over her husband but what's a HP without drama? Leon was a true alpha-male but was also able to admit his shortcomings and his love for Helen was super intense!Glad there was a miracle pregnancy. Like Blanche DuBois said "I don't want realism. I want magic!"Epilogue was sweet and tender and just perfect.

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