Art Deco

ISBN: 075661337X
ISBN 13: 9780756613372
By: Judith H. Miller Graham Rae Nicholas M. Dawes

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About this book

The definitive, all-color guide for any Art Deco enthusiastShowcasing over 1,000 individually priced items and with up-to-date tips and advice from bestselling expert Judith Miller, this glorious guide will show you all you need to know about Art Deco. Contains affordable collectables and classic pieces Showcases popular Art Deco collecting fields Includes 'closer look' features to help identify desirable piecesFrom Clarice Cliff to Chanel, an array of styles are covered here, plus this is the only full-color reference to Art Deco that includes historical information, collectors' tips and price guides. It's a must-have for all Art Deco collectors.

Reader's Thoughts

Tenio Latev

tenio latevif you love art deco, than this book needs to be in your home at arms reach! good overview on a very big topic! lots of good pics and descriptions!


Very great overview for a very broad topic. Makes for a great, informative introduction to the Novice and serves as a nice illustrated reference book for people w/ a more experienced eye. The little short historical backgrounds and the large photographs make this an easy read. The focus here is more on the Art Deco collectibles & pieces and less about what makes Art Deco, broadly speaking, "Art Deco." The division of categories makes it easier to breakdown and digest. This functions more as a reference book than a coffeetableartbook. Judith Miller is indispensable .

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