Art of Modern Rock: The Poster Explosion

ISBN: 081184529X
ISBN 13: 9780811845298
By: Paul Grushkin Dennis King Wayne Coyne King Grushkin

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About this book

Authoritative, eye-popping, and massive, Art of Modern Rock is the first and last word on contemporary concert posters. An art form that has grown hand-in-hand with the independent music scene, heralding small and large gigs alike, the posters have emerged from visually creative street-level notices to prized collectibles rendered in a variety of styles and media. Today's poster artists combine the expressive freedom pioneered in the poster revolution of the 1960s with the attitude and the do-it-yourself approach of the punk scene, creating an unprecedented surge of innovative poster production on an international scale. Featuring over 1,600 exemplary rock posters and flyers from over 200 international studios and artists, Art of Modern Rock is the long-anticipated sequel to coauthor Paul Grushkin's The Art of Rock. Profiles and quotes from the pioneers in the field and their emerging heirs share nearly 500 gloriously packed pages of poster after mind-blowing poster. As brash and colorful as the burgeoning scene it documents, Art of Modern Rock is the must-have book for music and poster fans and collectors.

Reader's Thoughts

Brian O'daniel

I absolutely love this book! Yeah, there's technically not much to "read," but who cares? It's packed with some of the most eye-catching imagery you'll ever see, and that's exactly the point. It's probably the most worn coffee table book I own. The dust cover on it was already torn and tattered when I found the book in the store from all the previous customers who obviously couldn't resist it either. I didn't even care, because the book was still in good shape, and I had to have it all to myself! Definitely the most perused of all of my art books, and I have a lot of them, being a graphic designer myself. Simply put: pure unadulterated eye candy worth its weight in gold (and it's a HEAVY book).

Johnny Thief

Biased review, as I'm one of the artists in this book. The first book, The Art of Rock, was my Bible when I was a kid, & introduced me to artists who'd become personal heroes of my career; Stanley Mouse, Shawn Kerri, & Rick Griffin. I'd stay up all night getting baked & stealing all I could from that book. A group of poster artists came together in Philly for a monster poster show called Artifacts of the Improbable, including live music at the Trocadero. I heard that author Grushkin was going to be there & was stoked, I just wanted to say thank you for the first book. Little did I know he'd interview me & include me in the publication. For me, it as like being asked to be the 13th apostle. The book is stellar, over 400 artists from around the planet, (& before this book, who knew there were poster artists in Transylvania?) creating some of the best art on the planet for every band that ever payed music. The book design is inspired, with themed chapter that breaks down the styles & genres. You'll need hours to make it through,... My copy is signed & marked by at least 30 of these artists, who are close personal friends. Nyah nyah!!Also check out the companion books by co author Dennis King. The Poster girls book in particular includes more of my work, including two posters on the back cover. Yes, I'm geeking out. You would too if you were in this one! ;)


*drool*My dream job, hands down, is designing concert posters. an amazing collection.


the sweetest part of this book was coming across a poster from a show I was at in athens years ago.


An amazing resource for inspiration. Visually stunning; full of great images.

Gigi Minor

Visual overload! Raw talent with color explosion!


whenever i start a new design project i flip through this thing first - for inspiration

Bonnie Clas

I love this book so much I'm buying a second so that I can have it both in my apartment and in my parents' bookshelves at home! I'd also recommend the mother to this book, The Art of Rock (which I found at Strand for a great deal).

P.M. Bradshaw

If you're a fan of poster art, this is the book for you! Nearly 500 pages of nearly every band you can think of, from Green Day to Electric Frankenstein. Beautiful large coffee-table book, with big, beautiful, color graphics. If you're a fan of this form or art, you'll find more than one page you'll consider framing.

Nicco Mele

I love this rich visual book and frequently page through it.


I borrowed this book to use in my uni work, and I loved it. Not a book full of textual reading as the majority was imagery, but the text parts provided some lovely insights into the designers works and the techniques/genres on show. The images are stunning and I was spoilt for choice for material to use. I couldn't put the book down once I'd started reading as I was constantly scanning the pages in appreciation of the poster designs. Brilliant collection.

Bobby Dixon

Biased as I'm one of the artists in the book, but it's comprehensive and full of gigposter goodness.


$70 but worth it.


I love this book! Some of my friends were in this book. This was really the first book that melded together the second wave of screenprinting and gigposters.


Pretty awesome book if you're into poster art.

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