Artesia: Adventures In The Known World RPG

ISBN: 1932386106
ISBN 13: 9781932386103
By: Mark Smylie

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About this book

The award-winning graphic novel Artesia comes to life in the Adventures in the Known World RPG, using a modified and easy-to-use Fuzion-based roleplaying system to plunge players into the strife-riven realms of the Known World, from the Warring Citadels of the Daragjan Highlands to the never-ending feud between the Sun Court of Illia and the Phoenix Court of the Empire of Thessid-Gola. Includes an expansive adaptation of R. Talsorian Games' LifePath character-generation system including birth omens, star signs and divine and heroic lineages, and rules for talents and abilities accessible to characters through the Arcana, the Tarot-like system representing the Known World's archetypal paths of power and the foundation of an unique system of experience, allowing game rewards for virtually all types of character actions.

Reader's Thoughts


Having read the comics, I loved this game book. It provides a wealth of information, both current to the storyline and of ages past. The experience system rewards characters for doing significant things in-game, providing experience that can be spent to improve in the vein of what was done, allowing organic growth of charaters (i.e., "I seduced the countess to achieve our goal, which gained experience points in Lovers, allowing me to improve my looks, my Seduction skill, or one of my appearance/personality feats").The magic system is VERY free form while channeling genre appropriate actions. The GM will need to pay attention as high levels of magical skill can get mighty powerful.


Fantastic art from the stories.The world history is well presented.The game system is rich and playable.I really like the tarot based "XP" awards system.The combat system was good.


My spouse is into comic books and because I am not the caped superhero type, got this for me to try. This is a graphic novel with great art. The non-primary characters and wars are a little bit difficult to keep track but the lead female character has very interesting and unique dimensions.

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