Asking Questions: A Practical Guide to Questionnaire Design

ISBN: 0875895468
ISBN 13: 9780875895468
By: Norman M. Bradburn Seymour Sudman

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About this book

The authors advance the state-of-the-art in questionnaire design?combining time-proven techniques with current findings and methods. Asking Questions takes the reader from start to finish in the questionnaire design process?detailing each step, and illustrating methods with examples from actual surveys. With helpful checklists and a glossary of terms, this is a comprehensive resource for anyone involved in survey research.

Reader's Thoughts


Excellent book for any researcher who deals with human subjects!

Christine Theberge Rafal

I actually read the 1982 version, borrowed from Gutman Library. An oldie but goodie, for sure. That one had only two authors Sudman & Bradburn so hopefully I can take a look at the newer edition with input from the 3rd author.

Sagar Jethani

I read this to assist my MBA thesis team in the construction and design of our marketing questionnaire last year. It does an admirable job delivering questionnaire design in a single, readable volume. Not the kind of book you will savor with a glass of red beside a roaring fire, but it does the job.

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