Assassin’s Play Off (The Destroyer, #20)

ISBN: 0523007086
ISBN 13: 9780523007083
By: Warren Murphy Richard Ben Sapir

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Reader's Thoughts


The villain Nuich returns to threaten Remo and Chiun. The final show down takes place in the fabled village of Sinanju.


Nuihc, #4While Chiun is in Korea, Remo is sent to investigate some very unusual deaths. And Remo is ambushed and severely wounded by people Nuihc has trained to hurt Remo in suicide attacks. Remo realizes that Nuihc is behind it and knows that Chiun is in danger. He struggles to get to Korea for the showdown.One of the best of the series. We finally get to Korea and see Sinanju, the jewel of the Orient, and learn the truth about the people that Chiun devotes his life to serving. Favorite tidbits: Chiun destroys a tank with his hands. The battle with Nuihc at the end. Quote, “This is it?” (as Remo sees Sinanju) “What a dump.”Warning, sex and graphic gory violence.


I enjoy these but they do sort of run together after a while. I don't remember much about them individually.

Dan Taylor

The third and final Destroyer book in the "best of" omnibus I picked up a couple years ago. Though it's highly regarded by fans I wasn't as fond of this one largely due to the fact that Remo and Chiun spend large portions of the book separated from one another -- Remo investigating a murder and dealing with a series of attacks by assassins here in the States and Chiun in his native country. While the Remo storyline is entertaining and makes for some great passages, Chiun's tale got a bit stale and my favorite parts of any Destroyer novel are usually the interplay between the series' two "stars". A good read but not my favorite so far.

John Hewitt

My favorite of the Destroyer series.

Barry Simiana

Love this whole series and have forever. am re-reading during my convalescence because they make me happy.

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