Auggie Wren’s Christmas Story

ISBN: 0805077235
ISBN 13: 9780805077230
By: Paul Auster Isol

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About this book

A timeless, utterly charming Christmas fable, beautifully illustrated and destined to become a classic When Paul Auster was asked by The New York Times to write a Christmas story for the Op-Ed page, the result, "Auggie Wren's Christmas Story," led to Auster's collaboration on a film adaptation, Smoke. Now the story has found yet another life in this enchanting illustrated edition.It begins with a writer's dilemma: he's been asked by The New York Times to write a story that will appear in the paper on Christmas morning. The writer agrees, but he has a problem: How to write an unsentimental Christmas story? He unburdens himself to his friend at his local cigar shop, a colorful character named Auggie Wren. "A Christmas story? Is that all?" Auggie counters. "If you buy me lunch, my friend, I'll tell you the best Christmas story you ever heard. And I guarantee every word of it is true."And an unconventional story it is, involving a lost wallet, a blind woman, and a Christmas dinner. Everything gets turned upside down. What's stealing? What's giving? What's a lie? What's the truth? It's vintage Auster, and pure pleasure: a truly unsentimental but completely affecting tale.

Reader's Thoughts


Mi debut con Auster ha sido fantástico, aunque espero leer alguna de sus obras más largas.


This short story was thoroughly disappointing, but the one thing it had going for it was the illustrations. Very cute pictures...


An unconventional seasonal tale. Quick, fun read. Best enjoyed during the second reading. Illustrations by Isol are eclectic.


to quote emory griffin, "a good story is a powerful means of persuasion."very good narrative.

Matt Blair

Simple but touching, and beautifully illustrated. Worthy of becoming a Christmas tradition.

Rafael Marques

Despite the short size of the story, I found it rather amusing. The fact that it was probably the old woman's last Christmas made the story emotional. Auggie Wren's decision was admirable, even though he did not know wether the true grandson was coming or not.

Catherine Mustread

Christmas story about a lost wallet, blind woman, stolen camera and Christmas dinner.

Mary Alice

This is a gem of a little story. I am so happy to have discovered it. Takes only 15 minutes to read, and the illustrations are wonderfully charming. :)


Managed to read the translation into German very quickly - though I know the story from Smoke anyway.


A short little story that appeared in the NYT. Curious what others think. Was it real or not? I love the idea that Auggie made an old woman happy before she died so maybe that's the only thing that matters.

Erinna Mettler

I know it's Christmas when this catches my eye from my bookshelf. As much of a tradition in our house as It's A Wonderful Life or The Grinch. Human and heartwarming. A short story that says more than most novels.


I love this little story. It is a short one but it stays with you for a long time after reading it. I watched "Smoke" last night and could not wait for the last 25 minutes of the movie just so I could see Auggie's story told on the screen.


Certainly a non-traditional Christmas story, very short in presentation, a little bit of a gem as well; no-nonsense in the telling as is Auggie Wren, a colorful character from whom the author received the story with the assurance that "every word is true." Well it might be at that, who knows?

Linda Lipko

I requested this from my local library last December. Finally, it arrived yesterday. This delightful, small, wonderfully illustrated book is very much a non-traditional Christmas story.It is not a story of Christmas trees, of mangers, of churches, of stained glass windows, or of snow softly falling as candles shed light in the windows.It is a story of unexpected gifts that arrive with moral dilemmas.It is very thought provoking and it was well worth the wait!


I've been ripping through the short books on my shelf this weekend and this one was among them. Very random short story for Christmas, and most likely my choice to read it in mid-April added to the weirdness. But it was strangely appealing somehow and - again - definitely random!

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